What is the purpose of the traceroute command?

A. It displays the IP address information for a NIC.

B. It determines the path between a source system and a destination system.

C. It displays the ports that are active on a system.

D. It displays and manually configures the routes in a routing table.


Answer: B




Lisa is evaluating the design of a new site that her Web team is developing. Which of the following is a Web design concept that she should recommend as she evaluates this site?

A. Each page should have a coherent message and use common, easy-to-read fonts.

B. A page’s text content needs to be relevant to the topic, but the images do not.

C. The site’s visual design is more important than validation of the site’s code.

D. The site should include a large variety of images and color combinations to enhance its appearance.


Answer: A




Which of the following is the best example of a client?

A. A Web browser querying a database

B. A workstation sharing a directory

C. An FTP site receiving a file

D. A database fulfilling a query


Answer: A




Web pages with content that flashes, flickers or strobes can cause accessibility problems for which type of users?

A. Users with technical challenges

B. Users with cognitive challenges

C. Users with slow Internet connections

D. Users with hearing impairment


Answer: B




Mike wants to transfer an update file from one system to another. Currently, these two systems cannot communicate with each other via the standard network. Which type of cable can he use to quickly transfer a file from one computer to the other without a hub or switch?

A. Crossover cable

B. Category 1 cable

C. Standard Ethernet cable

D. Standard telephone cable


Answer: A




Consider the following XHTML code:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"



<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>

<title> This is an HTML document </title>



This is a test page for the departmental Web page.



This code failed validation. Why?

A. Because the <body> tag must have a code statement

B. Because the <html> tag should use all-capital letters

C. Because the opening <head> tag is missing

D. Because the closing </meta> tag is missing


Answer: C




You received an e-mail attachment with a .tgz file name extension. Which application has most likely created this file?

A. Gzip

B. WinZip

C. A spreadsheet application

D. A graphics application


Answer: A




Lars has difficulty when he tries to access some Web pages. He suspects that his browser has a problem or a bug. Which of the following should he consider downloading?

A. A pop-up blocker

B. A firewall

C. A patch

D. An anti-virus program


Answer: C




As an IT professional, you must always consider the Return on Investment (ROI) impact that IT projects have on your organization. You may be required to justify a project’s benefits relative to its cost. What must you do to relate such information about IT projects to upper managers?

A. Consult only managers who have technical experience so that the project benefits will be fully understood.

B. Explain decisions in purely technical terms to ensure that the issues are properly understood.

C. Make decisions without input from management so as not to confuse the managers or stakeholders.

D. Put the information in terms that your managers can understand so that they can make informed decisions.


Answer: D




Perl, .Net and PHP are all examples of:

A. server-side scripting technologies.

B. application programming interfaces.

C. database technologies.

D. client-side scripting technologies.


Answer: A



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