Which choice best defines Return On Investment (ROI)?

A. Determining the IT department’s costs in developing a project

B. Determining the profit of a Web project relative to cost

C. Determining the benefits of a Web site to its intended users

D. Determining the cost of Web site development


Answer: B




Because the Internet has experienced tremendous growth, a new protocol has been developed to accommodate Internet address shortages. What is the name of this improved protocol?


B. IPv6

C. IPv2



Answer: B




What is the purpose of the link attribute when used in the HTML <body> tag?

A. It determines the color of visited links on a Web page.

B. It designates text that will act as a hyperlink on a Web page.

C. It specifies the style sheet used to format a Web page.

D. It determines the color of unvisited links on a Web page.


Answer: D




Which IP address class uses 8 bits for the network portion of the address and 24 bits for the host portion of the address?

A. Class D

B. Class B

C. Class C

D. Class A


Answer: D QUESTION 35

Which e-commerce protocol is defined as the interorganization exchange of documents in standardized electronic form directly between participating computers?

A. Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)

B. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

C. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

D. Open Buying on the Internet (OBI)


Answer: B




Sandi needs to format a Web site with 20 pages. She wants to use CSS to apply a style rule to the H3 selector on all pages in the site. What is the most efficient way for her to apply this formatting?

A. With an embedded style

B. With an external style sheet

C. With an inline style

D. With a heading-3 tag


Answer: B




Which of the following is a way to limit access to a wireless Ethernet network?

A. Remove the access point’s MAC address

B. Enable MAC address filtering

C. Configure the access point into ad-hoc mode

D. Enable Wireless Application Protocol


Answer: B




Which of the following allows multiple systems to communicate on a wireless network in infrastructure mode?

A. A network access point (NAP)

B. A wireless NIC

C. A switch

D. A wireless access point (WAP)


Answer: D




Chris and his Web development team are beginning a Web site project. What is the first step in this project?

A. Create a site map.

B. Submit the site URL to search engines.

C. Develop markup code and test functionality.

D. Document the site’s purpose and intended audience.


Answer: D




Rolf’s Web site does not meet the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). To make his site more accessible according to WCAG, which change could he make?

A. Add more images and decrease text

B. Remove all tables from site pages

C. Create a text-only version of the site

D. Add a disclaimer to the home page


Answer: C



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