You are a help desk technician. An end user is experiencing a technical problem and does not know enough about the problem to describe it clearly. What should you do?

A. Explain to the user that until he can accurately describe the problem, you are unable to troubleshoot the system.

B. Review the user’s product manual with him to help him understand the technical issues.

C. Request additional specific information from the user so you can troubleshoot the problem and provide an appropriate solution.

D. Inform the user that he needs to bring the system to you so you can assess the technical situation yourself.


Answer: C




Susan is a freelance Web developer and needs to set up a home office. She currently has 10 customers and transfers approximately 20 megabytes (MB) of data per day. Which is the most efficient Internet connection for Susan’s needs?

A. Cable modem

B. T3 line

C. Ethernet cable

D. Dial-up modem


Answer: A




You are using a GUI HTML editor. You have decided to use this editor to publish the pages you create. Which choice lists the elements required to upload your files?

A. A user name, a host name, a private key, and a destination directory

B. A destination directory, a host name, and a private key

C. A private key, a page name, and a user name

D. A user name and password, a host name, and a destination directory


Answer: D




When you use an analog phone line and modem to initially connect to the Internet, which protocol are you using?

A. Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

B. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

C. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

D. Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)


Answer: A




You have been asked to determine the download time for pages on your site. One page consists of the XHTML document, several image files, and a Flash presentation. These elements equal 84 kilobytes (KB) total. How long will it take for this page to be downloaded by a user with an Internet connection speed of 33.6 kilobits per second (Kbps)?

A. Approximately 55 seconds

B. Approximately 15 seconds

C. Approximately 20 seconds

D. Approximately 5 seconds


Answer: C




Maria and her team are beginning to redesign a corporate Web site. The company owners want to keep the site’s navigation icons at the top of each page, and enable linked pages to appear in another section of the same browser window. Which XHTML technique does Maria suggest?

A. Pop-up JavaScript windows

B. Navigation icons in the top row of a table page structure

C. Frameset layout with upper and lower frames

D. List elements <li> enclosed by <ol> container tags


Answer: C




As an IT professional, you must always consider the Return on Investment (ROI) impact that IT projects have on your organization. You may be required to justify a project’s benefits relative to its cost. What must you do to relate such information about IT projects to upper managers?

A. Put the information in terms that your managers can understand so that they can make informed decisions.

B. Make decisions without input from management so as not to confuse the managers or stakeholders.

C. Explain decisions in purely technical terms to ensure that the issues are properly understood.

D. Consult only managers who have technical experience so that the project benefits will be fully understood.


Answer: A




Which type of cable supports data transmission speeds of 10 gigabits per second (Gbps)?

A. Category 3

B. Category 6

C. Category 5

D. Category 5e


Answer: B




Which of the following is an example of a dial-up Internet connection?

A. Fractional T1

B. Cable modem




Answer: D




James is traveling to several countries that use various electrical voltage and phone connections. He needs to use his computer to connect to the telephone network. Which choice lists the minimum components he requires?

A. A power converter and a jack adapter

B. A new power supply and a jack adapter

C. A UPS and a jack adapter

D. A UPS and a new power supply


Answer: A



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