You have created a design template using Dreamweaver MX 2004 and generated several child Web pages from this original template. What happens if you edit the original template?


A.      The Z-index of each child page increases.

B.      The change has no effect on the child pages.

C.      The layer number of each child page increases.

D.      The child pages reflect the change to the original.

Correct Answer: D




You are creating a Web site for a customer, which will have many pages. You want to implement a single style sheet to control all the pages on the site. Which of the following would be the preferred method for doing so?


A.      Use an internal style sheet.

B.      Use an external style sheet.

C.      Use an exported style sheet.

D.      Use an embedded style sheet.

Correct Answer: B




Server and operating system vendors regularly update their software by offering security patches when new vulnerabilities are discovered. To keep your Web site and server safe, you should apply security patches:


A.      after your system has been compromised.

B.      after they have been standardized by the ISO.

C.      as soon as they are released and proven stable.

D.      during your next scheduled monthly maintenance session.

Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is an acceptable way to insert a background image using a style sheet?


A.      <img src=background.jpg>

B.      background-image: url(background.tiff);

C.      background-image: url(background.jpg);

D.      background-position: background.jpg bottom right;

Correct Answer: C




Which of the following will best protect a server from Web server vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers?


A.      Using strong passwords

B.      Installing updates (for example, service packs)

C.      Using the POST method instead of the GET method for a Web form

D.      Using the GET method instead of the POST method for a Web form

Correct Answer: B




Which attribute should be used to assign inline styles to HTML?


A.      id

B.      style

C.      value

D.      class


Correct Answer: B




Consider the following code:


 <!–XHTML 1.0 Transitional Web page template–>


Which of the following describes the tag used to insert this message?


A.      It is a proprietary tag.

B.      It is a custom XML tag.

C.      It is a style sheet reference.

D.      It is a standard comment tag.

Correct Answer: D





What is the process for following every link on your site to ensure that it goes to the correct location?


A.      Site validation

B.      Site optimization

C.      Manual link checking

D.      Manual link optimization

Correct Answer: C




Sandra needs to check the hyperlinks on her company’s Web site to verify that the URLs are still valid. What is the fastest method to accomplish this task?


A.      Manual link checking

B.      Site validation checking

C.      Automatic link checking

D.      Manual link optimization

Correct Answer: C




Tom is making changes to his company’s Web site. Because he likes the way the markup is styled, he copies the following into another section of the page:


 <div id="subsection"> This section is under construction</div>


Why does the home page not validate properly?


A.      The <div> tag was not closed properly.

B.      Element attributes must be declared in the style sheet.

C.      A <div> tag can be used only once in each document’s markup.

D.      An ID attribute can be applied to only one element in a document.

Correct Answer: D


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