Brent wants to use the same image on each page of his site, but wants to have a different color in a part of that image from one page to the next. Using an image software editor, he decides to create a master layered image with the changes on their own layer. Which file format would allow Brent to accomplish this task?

A.      GIF

B.      JPG

C.      PNG

D.      BMP

Correct Answer: C




During a project meeting, Eric explains the need for a development server to host the company’s new Web site during development. Eric’s IT co-workers want to know who will have access to the development server. What should Eric tell them?


A.      The development server will be accessible to all members of the organization as well as the public.

B.      The development server will be accessible to the development team and to authorized members of the organization.

C.      The development server will be accessible to the public in order to collect public opinion on the development of the Web site.

D.      The development server will be accessible to all members of the organization in order to obtain their suggestions on the development of the Web site.

Correct Answer: B




Kara is using FrontPage 2003 to build a new Web site. She has just finished creating a template page that contains the layout, fonts and menu items for all other pages in the site, as well as an editable region for each page’s individual content. Other members of Kara’s design team are using Dreamweaver to also work on the site. What should Kara name this file?


A.      Ktem.dwt

B.      KTem.htm

C.      KarasTemplate.asp

D.      KarasTemplate.tem

Correct Answer: A




You receive complaints from customers that your Web site is inaccessible. You check the Web server and notice that it is behaving sluggishly. You cannot explain the sluggishness because the server logs show that few Web server connections exist. However, a security worker notices that thousands of ICMP packets are being sent to the server every second, making the server drop connections. What type of attack is being waged against your site?


A.      Brute force

B.      Denial of service

C.      Social engineering

D.      Password guessing

Correct Answer: B




You have been given a JPEG image to insert in a page. This image was taken using a high-resolution camera. Which of the following is the primary concern in regard to your Web site’s users?


A.      Image download time

B.      Lossy compression issues

C.      JPEG image support of only 256 colors

D.      The pixelated appearance of JPEG images

Correct Answer: A




Which of the following formats uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) to describe certain shapes and is best for working with two-dimensional line art and shapes?


A.      SVG

B.      PNG

C.      SWF

D.      JPEG

Correct Answer: A




HTML was originally created to:


A.      include images in documents.

B.      describe the content of the page.

C.      add color and contrast for variety.

D.      define the structure of text documents.

Correct Answer: D



It is often suggested that a Web design team hire a professional editor. What advantage does the contribution of the editor bring to the site design process?


A.      The editor brings cultural perspectives to the process.

B.      The editor sets the tone, making style guides unnecessary.

C.      The editor is responsible for the accuracy of the information.

D.      The editor ensures that the site is consistent in tone and content.

Correct Answer: D




Your site development team has created a Web site, and you want to test its accessibility. Which of the following do you need to conduct the test?


A.      A test pool of very unskilled users

B.      A test pool of at least five or six typical users

C.      A test pool of at least six members of the Web team

D.      A test pool of fewer than five moderately skilled users

Correct Answer: B




Your team is creating a Web site for a small non-profit organization. Which of the following will help all users, including those with vision disabilities?


A.      Using Flash animation

B.      Using relative font sizes

C.      Using absolute font sizes

D.      Using a patterned background

Correct Answer: B


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