You have included a check box on a registration Web page that users accessing your site can select to receive periodic bulk e-mail from your company. What must you include in your bulk e-mail messages to your subscribers?


A.      An opt-out option to discontinue receiving the messages

B.      An opt-in option to receive similar messages from related companies

C.      A section in which recipients can provide feedback about the company

D.      Coupons for product specials that can be printed and redeemed on future purchases

Correct Answer: A




Marcus is designing a site and wants to use a ready-made template from a Web development application. One consequence of using predesigned templates is that:


A.      they infringe on copyrights.

B.      they interfere with the design process.

C.      they are unlikely to fulfill all design specifications.

D.      they contain business logic that cannot be modified.

Correct Answer: C




Which of the following would be an effective way to attract customers to your site without violating end-user trust and privacy?


A.      Use metadata effectively and appropriately.

B.      Use pop-up advertisements for weekly specials.

C.      Send e-mail to all current and potential customers.

D.      Design trademarks and logos to resemble those of competitors.

Correct Answer: A




You have been asked to transfer print copy to a Web page. Which of the following is a commonly accepted rule concerning white space in this situation?


A.      A Web page should contain less than 10 percent white space at any time.

B.      A Web page should contain more than 10 percent white space, but no more than 20 percent.

C.      A Web page should contain approximately 50 percent less text than a printed page containing the same information.

D.      A Web page should contain approximately 20 percent less text than a printed page containing the same information.

Correct Answer: C




Gordon has been asked to create a focus group to aid in finishing the production of a Web site for the company World Stocks, Bonds and Currency Inc. What should this process definitely include?


A.      Asking the corporate customers for their favorite colors, and then incorporating those colors into a style guide

B.      Choosing at least five individuals who represent the target audience demographic, and then using testers with varying degrees of computer experience to review the site

C.      Creating a set of real-world activities that the company wants to provide to its customers, and then assigning those activities as tasks to accomplish, with step-by-step directions for completing them

D.      Using the bottom-up approach to site development by asking the corporate customers for the type of functionality they expect from the site, and then designing the look and feel of the site around those functions

Correct Answer: B




Mikala is designing a Web site for TLP Building Supply. The company’s CEO is impressed by Flash introductions and blinking marquees, and she wants to use them on the TLP site. Mikala knows from reviewing the site audience surveys that the TLP audience prefers easy navigation and a simple design. How can Mikala balance the CEO’s preferences with the audience’s needs?


A.      Discuss the survey results and develop the site mission with the CEO, and then design the site.

B.      Design the site according to W3C standards, and then meet with the CEO after the site is completed.

C.      Convince the CEO that blinking marquees and Flash ineffectively convey a Web site’s message and should not be used.

D.      Implement the CEO’s suggestions for including the latest technologies because the primary responsibility of a Web designer is to give customers what they request.

Correct Answer: A




Which of the following strategies is best for implementing bulk e-mailing to customers?


A.      Buy an e-mail list from a vendor that sells a similar product.

B.      Give customers the option to receive or to stop receiving bulk e-mail.

C.      Send e-mail messages to all customer e-mail addresses collected at the time of purchase.

D.      Generate a list of e-mail addresses from a directory listing of people who work in the same field as your company.

Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is a benefit of imported style sheets?


A.      Imported style sheets override embedded styles.

B.      Imported style sheets work with all older browsers.

C.      Multiple style sheets can be applied using one style declaration.

D.      Imported style sheets are the only way to override the default style of a browser.

Correct Answer: C




You are designing a medical research site. The content will include medical terminology. When is it acceptable to use industry jargon?


A.      When a casual tone is appropriate

B.      When the audience will understand the terms

C.      When the Web designer understands the jargon

D.      When you want to demonstrate the superiority of your site

Correct Answer: B




Which of the following Web site characteristics demonstrates the ability to present information dynamically from a knowledge base?


A.      Interactivity

B.      Static layout

C.      Dynamic HTML

D.      Database integration

Correct Answer: D


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