When you publish a Flash file, Flash generates the HTML code for inserting an object in a Web page. Which of the following code fragments indicates the correct attributes that identify a SWF file within the <object> tag?


A.      <param type=movie src="myFlashMovie.swf">

B.      <param name=movie data="myFlashMovie.swf">

C.      <param name=movie value="myFlashMovie.swf">

D.      <param value=movie name="myFlashMovie.swf">

Correct Answer: C




In order to create two simultaneous moving objects, you would need at least:


A.      one layer, one timeline and four keyframes.

B.      one layer, two timelines and two keyframes.

C.      two layers, one timeline and two keyframes.

D.      two layers, one timeline and four keyframes.

Correct Answer: D




Tomas wants to resize the same vector image on different pages of his Web site. Which Web graphics format would be ideal for this?


A.      SVG

B.      JPEG

C.      GIF 87a

D.      GIF 89a

Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is a standard use of cookies?


A.      Capturing keystrokes

B.      Scanning hard disk drives

C.      Storing password information

D.      Recording financial information

Correct Answer: C




Some of your site’s users have called to complain that they do not understand the policy for shipping charges. Initially, the Web team created a pop-up window that appears at the point of purchase, designed to explain the shipping charge policy. Why did some of these users fail to get this message?


A.      Because antivirus software blocked the pop-ups

B.      Because newer browsers have automatic pop-up blockers

C.      Because firewalls blocked the client-side scripts that create pop-ups

D.      Because firewalls blocked the server-side scripts that create pop-ups

Correct Answer: B




XML tags must be written:


A.      in lowercase letters only.

B.      in uppercase letters only.

C.      in both uppercase and lowercase letters.

D.      consistently in uppercase or lowercase letters.

Correct Answer: D




Jay is about to integrate animation into his Web site. He has decided that using shape tweening is the most dynamic technique with which to begin. In using this technique, what must he remember to do?


A.      Be careful to use no symbols for objects.

B.      Use interesting symbols for all of the objects.

C.      Include more than one tween on the top layer.

D.      Use a circular pattern, moving objects between locations.

Correct Answer: A




Jacob runs a Web site specializing in selling music from independent artists. Most of the site’s customers want to know about unknown or new artists in the music industry whose work is available on Jacob’s site. Site visitors have requested an easier way to learn about updates to the New Artists page. Which of the following will best meet visitors’ needs?


A.      Update the New Artists page more often.

B.      Install an RSS feed for the New Artists page.

C.      Install a search feature on the New Artists page.

D.      Use a different font for each new entry on the New Artists page.

Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is the minimal requirement for an XML document?


A.      It must be delimited.

B.      It must be well-formed.

C.      It must be embedded within HTML code.

D.      It must be embedded within XHTML code.

Correct Answer: B





The primary purpose of a plug-in is to:


A.      take the form of a new user interface to process multimedia files through an encoding application.

B.      extend the functionality of the user’s browser by providing seamless integration of multimedia formats.

C.      test the user’s browser and upgrade, if needed, to a browser version that supports multimedia formats.

D.      identify the version of the user’s operating system to determine which multimedia formats are supported.

Correct Answer: B


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