Which of the following is used in Secure XML to verify the origin of a message?


A.      Triple DES

B.      A digital signature

C.      Symmetric-key encryption

D.      An open encryption standard known as Gnu Privacy Guard

Correct Answer: B




Consider the following XML code:


 <?xml version="1.0"?>


 <date>January 28, 2006</date>



 <name>Mr. Harold Gray</name>


 <company>Gray Industries</company>


 236 Washington Boulevard, Suite 480

 Grover, CA 90000



The preceding code will not work properly. Which of the following describes the reason for this?


A.      The Date field is not specified correctly.

B.      XML tags cannot use uppercase letters.

C.      A tag has been inconsistently formatted.

D.      The code was created by a proprietary application.

Correct Answer: C




According to the W3C XML Recommendation, XML documents that are not well-formed:


A.      will not load in the browser.

B.      will load in the browser and then generate an error.

C.      will generate an error and then load in the browser.

D.      will load in the browser until reaching the violation, and then stop.

Correct Answer: A




Consider the following code:





Which of the following describes the function of this code?


A.      It is selecting a table from the database.

B.      It is conducting a join for a new database.

C.      It is creating a connection to the database.

D.      It is selecting a database record and creating a new record.

Correct Answer: C




Applying masks in Flash allows for the creation of depth on the Web page. Which of the following is true when creating vector masks?


A.      You can link no more than one layer to a single mask layer.

B.      Creating a mask requires an understanding of action scripting.

C.      You create masks on motion guide layers and normal layers in Flash.

D.      A mask layer contains a filled shape that blocks off objects on at least one other layer.

Correct Answer: D




Which of the following languages is used to update a table in a relational database?


A.      C#

B.      SQL

C.      Java

D.      PHP

Correct Answer: B






The JavaScript open() method that is used to create a pop-up/pop-under window belongs to what DOM object?


A.      Body

B.      Client

C.      Window

D.      Document

Correct Answer: C




Cookies can be used to:


A.      target users for marketing.

B.      spread viruses on a network.

C.      execute programs on a Web server.

D.      send personal information back to the Web server.

Correct Answer: A




You have decided that using a pop-up window is appropriate in a particular situation. Which of the following can you use to ensure that the window is displayed in the proper location?


A.      CSS and XHTML

B.      XHTML and pseudo-code

C.      JavaScript and pseudo-code

D.      JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM)

Correct Answer: D




Which of the following technologies can be used to create rollover images without the use of special plug-ins?


A.      SVG

B.      CSS

C.      Flash

D.      XHTML

Correct Answer: B


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