A user is reporting that they cannot connect to the wireless network from their office but they were able to connect yesterday.

Which of the following would be the MOST likely reason?

A. Radio switch on laptop is enabled

B. Radio switch on laptop is disabled

C. Channel interference

D. User is too far away from the access point

Correct Answer: B


A user on a domain network cannot install software that they need. Which of the following user groups is this user MOST likely associated with?

A. Standard user

B. Guest user

C. Power user

D. Administrator

Correct Answer: A


A user reports that their PC does not work.

Which of the following would be the BEST
QUESTION for the technician to ask the user to get further information?

A. Can you get to the Internet?

B. What exactly does not work?

C. Does the PC turn on?

D. Are you able to sign on?

Correct Answer: B


A user reports that their PC boots up to a screen that reads OS not found . Which of the following would be the MOST likely cause of this problem?

A. There are conflicting operating systems.

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B. Not enough memory is available.

C. The system has a BSOD.

D. The user has a USB key attached.

Correct Answer: D


A technician is working on an issue and has identified the problem and worked out the cause. Which of the following would MOST likely be the NEXT step the technician should make?

A. Document the cause and solution

B. Inform the user

C. Report to the supervisor

D. Establish a plan of action

Correct Answer: D


Which of the following paths would a technician use to map a network drive?

A. //servername\usershare

B. \\servername\usershare

C. \\servername/usershare

D. //servername/usershare

Correct Answer: B


Which of the following is considered a method of physical security?

A. Strong passwords

B. Cipher locked doors


D. Firewall

Correct Answer: B


A user is operating a virtual machine (VM) and discovers it has been infected with malware. Which of the following applies?

A. The host computer will automatically delete the VM.

B. The VM can be shut down with no harm to the host PC.

C. The host computer will quarantine the VM automatically.

D. The VM will crash and cause irreparable damage to the host PC.

Correct Answer: B


Which of the following ports MUST be open in order for Remote Desktop to function?

A. 53

B. 80

C. 3389

D. 5900

Correct Answer: C


A technician is dispatched to a location that has multiple laser printers. One of the network printers is printing what appears to be a shadow image.

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The technician could solve this issue by:

A. replacing the fuser.

B. running calibrate.

C. replacing the network cable.

D. replacing the drum.

Correct Answer: D

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