A user wants to prevent access to specific websites to prevent their children from accidently accessing them.

Which of the following can be implemented?

A. A switch

B. Antivirus software

C. Antispyware software

D. A firewall

Correct Answer: D


A technician has upgraded an internal WiFi card on a laptop and now the signal power to connect to a WAP is low.

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. WIFI card drivers are not installed.

B. The laptop s memory is faulty.

C. The laptop s battery is dead.

D. One of the antenna wires is unplugged.

Correct Answer: D


A custom configured PC with a powerful processor, high-end video, upgraded audio, and increased cooling would be MOST suited to which of the following applications?

A. Thin client

B. Gaming PC

C. Virtualization workstation

D. Thick client

Correct Answer: B


When comparing laptops and tablet PCs which of the following is true?

A. Tablets typically have higher resolution displays

B. Laptops typically have a longer battery life

C. Laptops typically use touch screen displays

D. Tablets typically use solid state drives

Correct Answer: D


Which of the following is the MOST secure method, short of physical destruction, that would be used to ensure that data on a hard drive cannot be recovered?

A. Use a degaussing tool

B. Format the drive

C. Use an overwrite program

D. Repartition the drive

Correct Answer: C


A user will be installing a switch in a public location and will allow the six users in the office to connect to it with CAT6 Ethernet.

Which of the following actions would BEST ensure that there is no unauthorized access to the switch?

A. Assign static IP addresses

B. Disable new VLANS

C. Disable unused ports

D. Disable PoE

Correct Answer: C


A user would like to run a copy of Windows XP for testing; however, the user is currently using a Windows 7 PC.

Which of the following technologies should a technician recommend in order for the user to have access to both systems simultaneously?

A. Purchase a second PC

B. KVM switch

C. Dual boot

D. Virtualization

Correct Answer: D


When putting a mobile device into airplane mode, which of the following features is typically disabled?

(Select TWO).

A. Bluetooth

B. Multi-touch ability

C. Data encryption

D. Cellular data

E. Wireless

Correct Answer: DE


IT suspects that other people are frequently making changes to a computer when a user leaves their desk. Which of the following security policies can be implemented in order to prevent this situation?

A. Auto-lock

B. Password complexity

C. Change the default username

D. Disable the guest account

Correct Answer: A


A client has asked a technician about drive sanitation and wants to know what the difference is between overwriting a drive and formatting a drive.

Which of the following would be the BEST response from the technician?

A. Overwriting writes 1s and 0s to a hard drive replacing the data, while formatting only clears the reference to the data and only overwrites as space is used.

B. Nothing is different. They both destroy the data so no one can recover it.

C. Overwriting writes 1s and 0s to the drive replacing only the user s data but not the OS data, while 47 / 54

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D. Overwriting replaces all the data with a single file that fills the hard drive destroying the data, while formatting erases all the data.

Correct Answer: A

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