Click on the exhibit button. Which of the following is the purpose for the tool shown in the exhibit?




A.      Terminating UTP cable

B.      Terminating COAX cable

C.      Test network card

D.      Splicing fiber cable


Correct Answer: A




After making repairs to a user’s system, which of the following actions should a technician take?


A.      Close the case and wait for the customer to call again in the future

B.      Leave the case open in the event a similar issue arises

C.      Contact the customer a few days later to determine the state of repairs

D.      Wait to update service records until the repair is confirmed


Correct Answer: C




ECC memory offers which advantage over non-ECC memory?


A.      Less energy consumption

B.      The capability of error correction

C.      More efficient core communication

D.      Broader BUS throughput


Correct Answer: B


Which of the following items should be used when cleaning a laser printer of excess toner?


A.      Tape

B.      Compressed air

C.      Dry cloth

D.      Vacuum


Correct Answer: D




A non-Ethernet printer needs to be shared by users within a small workgroup. The solution cannot be dependent upon a user’s computer being powered on. Which of the following solutions is appropriate?


A.      Installing a hardware print server

B.      Upgrading the operating systems within the workgroup

C.      Sharing a single folder from where print jobs can be queued

D.      Sharing the printer from a local PC


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following locations stores the boot sequence for a desktop computer?


A.      BIOS

B.      TPM

C.      CPU

D.      Boot sector


Correct Answer: A




Thermal paste is used with which of the following components?


A.      Fan

B.      Heat sink

C.      Motherboard

D.      RAM


Correct Answer: B


Ann, a customer, requests a high-capacity, cost effective backup media that she can administer and store offsite with no assistance. Which of the following media types would BEST meet Ann’s request?


A.      Tape

B.      DVD

C.      Floppy

D.      SSD


Correct Answer: A




Ann, a small business client, requests a secure SOHO wireless network setup. Ann wants to minimize interference as much as possible from the surrounding businesses yet needs the flexibility for her guests to access the network when authorized. Which of the following would be a feasible solution for Ann?


A.      SSID broadcast off

B.      No wireless password

C.      Channel change

D.      MAC filtering


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following connectors has a distinct round shape to it?


A.      RJ-45

B.      MiniHDMI

C.      RS-232

D.      BNC


Correct Answer: D



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