A consultant has been asked to install the brightest possible projector into an office conference room that has a lot of natural sunlight. Which of the following specifications would BEST meet the client’s needs?


A.      Highest possible resolution

B.      High lumens

C.      High contrast

D.      HDMI 1.4 compatibility


Correct Answer: B




In addition to power and DVI, which of the following additional connections is needed to setup a fully functional touch screen LCD monitor?


A.      USB

B.      SCSI

C.      Ethernet

D.      Parallel


Correct Answer: A




A technician is diagnosing a laser printer that is consistently having issues picking up paper from the first tray. Which of the following items would the technician replace FIRST?


A.      Toner

B.      Transfer belt

C.      Rollers

D.      Imaging drum


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following types of Ethernet should be used if a technician has no choice but to run cable along fluorescent lighting arrays in a suspended ceiling?


A.      STP

B.      RG-6

C.      PVC

D.      UTP


Correct Answer: A






Which of the following resolution modes, by design, provides the BEST possible visual quality on a flat screen LCD monitor?


A.      SVGA

B.      Digital

C.      XGA

D.      Native


Correct Answer: D




A technician needs to install an appropriate PSU into a new machine. The technician needs available power for a floppy drive, two older IDE hard disks, a single SATA hard disk, and an IDE optical drive. How many unique power connectors will the PSU need to accommodate the listed devices?


A.      2

B.      3

C.      4

D.      5


Correct Answer: B




The process of voltage control to limit the volume of liquid delivered is used in:


A.      laser printers.

B.      thermal printers.

C.      impact printers.

D.      inkjet printers.


Correct Answer: D




A technician servicing a user’s computer notices the user has a lot of desktop icons linking to inappropriate websites. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?


A.      Report through proper channels

B.      Track the evidence

C.      Document all changes to the computer

D.      Preserve the data and device


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following should a technician configure on a small office home office (SOHO) wireless router so IP addresses are automatically assigned to devices on the wireless network?


A.      MAC filtering

B.      DHCP

C.      NAT

D.      DNS


Correct Answer: B




A technician has just installed two memory modules on a motherboard that supports DDR3 RAM with the bus speed up to 1600 MHz. The specifications of memory are DDR3 1066 MHz for one module and DDR3 1333 MHz for another. On which of the following bus speeds will the system function?


A.      800 MHz

B.      1000 MHz

C.      1066 MHz

D.      1600 MHz


Correct Answer: C



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