A technician wants to install a printer to use port LPT1, but the computer does not currently have such a port. Which of the following expansion cards should the technician install and configure to create an LPT1 port?


A.      Serial

B.      Video

C.      Audio

D.      Parallel


Correct Answer: D




A user wants to purchase a new computer to use word processing software only. Which of the following computer types should be recommended?


A.      Thin client

B.      CAD workstation

C.      Home server

D.      Gaming PC


Correct Answer: A




A user with an inkjet printer states that all their color printouts are missing red ink. The inkjet printer has a cartridge for each of the CMYK colors, and the user recently replaced the magenta cartridge. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?


A.      Purchase a maintenance kit

B.      Use a different weighted paper

C.      Verify printer cables are connected

D.      Perform printer head cleaning


Correct Answer: D




A technician notices an impact printer has run out of ink. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?


A.      Power cycle the printer

B.      Replace the ribbon

C.      Rewind the ribbon

D.      Replace the print head


Correct Answer: B





A technician has recently purchased a maintenance kit to be installed in a laser printer. Which of the following will be included in the maintenance kit?


A.      Pickup rollers

B.      Paper tray

C.      Toner

D.      Compressed air


Correct Answer: A




A technician needs to replace a desktop computer’s power supply. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?


A.      Check for environmental concerns

B.      Review local regulations for disposal procedures

C.      Read MSDS documentation

D.      Remove watch and all jewelry


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following would BEST protect equipment from a brown out?


A.      HVAC system

B.      Surge suppressor

C.      UPS

D.      Power strip


Correct Answer: C




A technician observes another technician trying to steal a company laptop. Which of the following should the first technician do NEXT?


A.      Confront the technician stealing the laptop

B.      Preserve the laptop for evidence

C.      Report through proper channels

D.      Document the incident


Correct Answer: C




A user needs a new gaming computer which can be both fast and quiet. Which of the following should MOST likely be installed to meet the user’s requirements?


A.      Liquid-based cooling system

B.      Passive cooling system

C.      Thermal paste

D.      Low RPM fans


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following should a technician check FIRST on the laptop if the system’s battery is not being charged?


A.      CMOS battery

B.      DC-in jack

C.      AC-in jack

D.      Breaker for the wall jack


Correct Answer: B



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