A customer has asked a technician to install a new USB printer that is supported by Windows 7. The PC is running Windows 7 Professional. Which of the following is the correct method to complete the installation?

A.      Connect the new USB printer and power it on. Windows 7 will automatically detect and add the new printer.

B.      Add the printer driver to the %SystemDir%System32Drivers folder, then connect and power on the printer.

C.      Click Start >All Programs >Control Panel >Printers and Faxes >Right click on desired printer and select “install”.

D.      Configure the BIOS to boot from USB devices first. Connect and power on the printer. Boot the computer.


Correct Answer: A




A corporate technician has been tasked with providing a thin client PC for a new employee. Which of the following configurations would be the MOST appropriate?


A.      A PC with the maximum amount of supported RAM

B.      A PC equipped with high end audio and video cards

C.      A PC that meets the minimum requirements for running an OS

D.      A PC with the most powerful processor


Correct Answer: C




A user’s laptop screen is extremely dim. A technician attempts to alter the brightness using function keys and the BIOS, but the screen never changes in brightness. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?


A.      Battery failure

B.      Bulb failure

C.      Display driver is corrupted

D.      Backlight failure


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following expansion slots is characterized by having an x16 speed?


A.      CNR

B.      PCI

C.      PCIe

D.      AGP

Correct Answer: C




Which of the following settings is controlled by jumpers?


A.      Chassis detection threshold

B.      Fan speed

C.      USB voltage

D.      Drive hierarchy


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is a benefit of using ECC memory?


A.      Corrects memory errors

B.      Allows 64-bit operating systems

C.      Prevents disk errors

D.      Uses lower voltage


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following connection types has the LONGEST transmission limitation in terms of distance?


A.      USB 3.0

B.      CAT6

C.      Fiber

D.      CAT5


Correct Answer: C




An administrator wants to prevent people outside of the building from accessing a new wireless router. Which of the following is the LEAST labor intensive method to use while setting up new workstations?


A.      Turn SSID broadcast off

B.      Use wireless encryption

C.      Institute MAC filtering

D.      Setup static IP addresses


Correct Answer: A




A network consisting of numerous geographically dispersed networks that cover a large physical distance is referred to as a:


A.      WLAN.

B.      LAN.

C.      WAN.

D.      MAN.


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following Internet connection types would be MOST commonly used by a customer who travels frequently?


A.      ISDN

B.      Satellite

C.      Cellular

D.      Line of site wireless


Correct Answer: C



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