A company is receiving a large number of laptop theft reports in the corporate buildings. Which of the following is the MOST cost-efficient way to discourage theft of laptops?


A.      A CCTV system

B.      A cable lock

C.      A badge reader

D.      A retina scanner


Correct Answer: B




A user states that the display is not very bright on their laptop. Which of the following is the MOST likely location to adjust the brightness?


A.      In the Device Manager of the operating system

B.      In the BIOS

C.      Fn key

D.      In the video display drivers


Correct Answer: C







Which of the following would a technician MOST likely perform to prevent a tripping hazard?


A.      Use an ESD mat

B.      Proper cable management

C.      Use plenum graded cable

D.      Proper documentation


Correct Answer: B




A new security flaw and fix has been published about a laptop’s OS. Which of the following can be implemented to prevent exploitation?


A.      Enable screen lock

B.      Patching policy

C.      User training

D.      Enable hard drive encryption


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following cable types has a MAXIMUM transmission rate of 100 Mb?


A.      CAT3

B.      CAT5

C.      CAT5e

D.      CAT6


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following cable types is commonly used for analog/digital television transmission?


A.      UTP

B.      CAT3

C.      RG-6

D.      SC


Correct Answer: C



Which of the following is the maximum cable length of a CAT5e?


A.      100 feet (30 meters)

B.      328 feet (100 meters)

C.      492 feet (150 meters)

D.      1076 feet (328 meters)

Correct Answer: B




Starting Windows XP in Safe Mode will cause which of the following to occur? (Select TWO).


A.      Windows will not save any file changes while is Safe Mode.

B.      Windows prevents successful boot and logon from updating Last Known Good Configuration.

C.      Windows XP will scan all drivers and services to make sure they are all approved and safe to run during boot.

D.      Windows XP starts basic networking to allow for updating of drivers from the Internet.

E.       Windows XP uses the minimum set of drivers and services to start the GUI.


Correct Answer: BE




Which of the following services uses the TCP port 21 by default?


A.      TELNET

B.      HTTPS

C.      SMTP

D.      FTP


Correct Answer: D




A technician is setting up a lab with fourteen wired PCs and one switch in a physical star network configuration. Which of the following should the technician keep in mind when setting up the lab?


A.      Cable management to avoid trip hazards

B.      Electrical safety with the extra network cables

C.      Location of the PCs with respect to each other

D.      Number of fans located in the room so system does not overheat


Correct Answer: A



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