Latest CompTIA CV0-001 Real Exam Download 151-160


Elasticity is closely related to which of the following cloud characteristics?
A. On-demand
B. Pay-as-you-grow
C. Chargeback
D. On-premise hosting
Correct Answer: B


An administrator is troubleshooting the cause of multiple VMs which are suddenly going offline. Which of the following is the FIRST step in troubleshooting the issue?
A. Review LUN configurations for errors
B. Review Fibre Channel zoning configuration
C. Review system logs on the host
D. Review VM OS multipathing software configuration
Correct Answer: C


An administrator is configuring access to hypervisors that will allow them to connect in the event that the management network is down. This type of access is referred to as:
A. Secure shell.
B. NIC teaming.
C. Out-of-band.
D. Serial port mapping.
Correct Answer: C


A system administrator is testing various types of software within VMs on a local workstation while surfing the Internet on a host. Which of the following BEST describes the hypervisor architecture that the administrator is using?
A. Type II
B. Type I
C. Open source
D. Proprietary
Correct Answer: A


A business has a virtualized environment which relies on specific file types, formats, and vendor supported tools. The business is MOST likely using which of the following?
A. Type II
B. Type I
C. Open source
D. Proprietary
Correct Answer: D


Which of the following would be considered a cold site?
A. A site that has air conditioning available, but no heat
B. A duplicate site that has replication enabled
C. A site that has telecommunications and network available
D. A site that is completely functional and staffed
Correct Answer: C


Encryption ensures which of the following? (Select TWO).
A. Access control
B. Data loss
C. Confidentiality
D. Authentication
E. Data integrity
Correct Answer: C,E


A company has just established a new branch office that needs to connect back to centrally hosted applications for day to day operations. The branch office has noted that access to many company services are slow and causing a drop in productivity. The company IT department has investigated a plan to improve performance across the link to the branch office without having to pay for more bandwidth from the Internet Service Provider. This plan includes hardware that after installation will allow for much faster access to day to day business applications. Which of the following terms BEST describes the action taken by the IT department?
A. LAN optimization
B. WAN optimization
C. Load balancing
D. Bandwidth compression
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following deployment models BEST meets the requirement to host some of a company鈥檚 applications in a third party environment while retaining control over some of their data?
A. Hybrid
B. Private
C. Community
D. Public
Correct Answer: A


Management has implemented a policy which states that the OS, the swap file, and data must each reside on its own disk. The virtualization administrator has deployed a VM from a template that has one virtual disk configured. Which of the following steps MUST the administrator take to comply with policy?
A. Add two virtual disks to the VM
B. Create two partitions on the existing virtual disk
C. Create three partitions on the existing virtual disk
D. Add three virtual disks to the VM
Correct Answer: A

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