Which of the following technologies has different upload and download speeds?


A.      OC12

B.      SDSL

C.      OC3

D.      ADSL


Correct Answer: D




Kurt, the network technician, is troubleshooting a network issue by implementing a new security device. After installing and configuring the device, which of the following steps should he take NEXT?


A.      Verify full system functionality

B.      Identify the main problem and question the user

C.      Document their findings, actions, and outcomes

D.      Escalate the issue to upper management.


Correct Answer: A




Karen, an administrator, is attempting to connect a laptop to a server via RJ-45 ports on both a device and a CAT5 patch cable. All of the IP settings have been verified to be correct, yet there is a connectivity problem. Which of the following would MOST likely fix the IP connectivity problem?


A.      Wires 1, 2 and 3, 6 need to be swapped on one end of the connecting cable.

B.      Use the DB-9 port with a DB-9 to RJ-45 adapter on the server.

C.      Manually adjust the duplex mode on the server’s link.

D.      Configure the laptop to receive a DHCP address from the server, rather than manually setting one.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is a Class A private IP address?





D.      192.168.0 100


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following defines the purpose of a DHCP scope?


A.      To allocate a preset range of MAC addresses available for assignment.

B.      To tell a DHCP server to exclude IP addresses.

C.      To properly configure a DHCP server’s allowed bandwidth level.

D.      To allocate a preset range of IP addresses available for assignment.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following would the telecommunications carrier use to segregate customer traffic over long fiber links?


A.      VLAN

B.      MPLS

C.      VPN

D.      PSTN


Correct Answer: B




Sandy, an administrator, wants to limit the wireless guest network traffic to 100Kbps so that utilization issues do not occur on the company’s T1 Internet access network. Which of the following optimizations should Sandy implement?


A.      Load balancing

B.      Caching engine

C.      Traffic shaping

D.      Quality of service


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following tools would Sandy, a technician, BEST use to trace a wire through an area where multiple wires of the same color are twisted together?


A.      Cable tester

B.      Toner probe

C.      Cable crimper

D.      Punch down tool


Correct Answer: B




A company only wants preapproved laptops to be able to connect to a wireless access point.

Which of the following should be configured?


A.      SSID disable

B.      ACL rules

C.      WPA encryption

D.      MAC filtering


Correct Answer: D




A wireless LAN discovery tool that sends a null probe request to seek out wireless LANs, is a component of which of the following?


A.      War driving

B.      War chalking

C.      WEP cracking

D.      An evil twin


Correct Answer: A



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