Joe, a company executive, has noticed that a wireless network signal from the company’s WAP can be seen in the company’s parking lot. Joe is very worried that this is a potential security threat. Which of the following can be done to eliminate this threat?


A.      Implement WEP encryption

B.      Decrease signal strength

C.      Change wireless channels

D.      Rotate the SSID daily


Correct Answer: B




Karen, a user, took a laptop on vacation and made changes to the configuration in order to use the device at the hotel. She can reach the Internet, but cannot access any internal network resources. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason?

A.      Incorrect DNS

B.      Incorrect subnet mask

C.      Duplicate IP address

D.      Incorrect SSID


Correct Answer: A




Karen, a technician, is connecting a new desktop computer to a switch. She was only able to locate one cable in the office for the installation. The wires at each end are color coded as follows:


Ÿ   End A: orange-white, orange, green-white, blue, blue-white, green, brown-white, brown

Ÿ   End B: green-white, green, orange-white, blue, blue-white, orange, brow-white, brown


Which of the following should Karen do to complete the installation?


A.      Re-end the provided cable, keeping the wiring the same.

B.      Use the provided cable

C.      Purchase a crossover cable.

D.      Purchase a straight-through cable


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following identifies the WLAN Joe, a user, is connected to?


A.      SSID

B.      Frequency

C.      WEP

D.      Channel


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following describes the purpose of DHCP?


A.      Applying prioritization to certain types of network traffic.

B.      Resolving FQDNs to IP addresses.

C.      Filtering web content based on keywords.

D.      Dynamic assignment of IP addresses.

Correct Answer: D




Joe, a technician, is configuring a wireless access point. Which of the following channels should he use if the LEAST interference potential is desired?


A.      1, 6, 11

B.      2, 5, 10

C.      3, 7, 10

D.      7, 8, 9


Correct Answer: A




Sandy, an administrator, is responsible for one Linux and two Windows servers. She would like to review all server logs centrally. Which of the following services could Sandy use in this scenario?


A.      Event logs

B.      Baselines

C.      Change management

D.      Syslog


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following connectors push and twist-on?


A.      LC

B.      SC

C.      ST

D.      RJ-45


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following network appliances can BEST be described as allowing multiple servers to share requests for a website through the same public IP address?


A.      VPN concentrator

B.      Content filter

C.      Load balancer

D.      Proxy server


Correct Answer: C




Joe, a customer, has a wireless network and has reported that the network traffic from the wireless access points seems compared to the limited number of wireless devices used. Joe believes that other non-employees are using the wireless network to access the Internet. Which of the following could be used to limit the access to the wireless network? (Select TWO).


A.      WPA encryption

B.      Changing wireless channels

C.      MAC filtering

D.      Changing wireless speed standards

E.       SSID disable


Correct Answer: AC



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