Blocking a known malicious web address by using the ACL on the firewall is an example of which of the following?


A.      IP filtering

B.      Application filtering

C.      MAC filtering

D.      Port filtering


Correct Answer: A




Karen, a network administrator, has discovered attempts to penetrate the network and access the customer database. Which of the following methods could she use to provide a false customer database to the attacker?


A.      Radius

B.      DMZ

C.      Honeypot

D.      Kerberos


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following OSI layers is included in the TCP/IP model’s Application layer?


A.      Data Link

B.      Session

C.      Transport

D.      Network


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following DNS records would allow for a website to have more than one FQDN?


A.      TXT

B.      PTR

C.      MX

D.      CNAME


Correct Answer: D




Joe, a customer, is looking to implement wireless security. Which of the following provides the

WEAKEST encryption?


A.      SSH

B.      WEP

C.      TLS

D.      EAP


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following commands can Sandy, a technician, use on a server to display the default router setting?


A.      ping

B.      nslookup

C.      route

D.      arp


Correct Answer: C




A company is expanding and has found that logging into each device to collect error information is consuming too much time. They have asked Sandy, a network administrator, to set up a server that will capture errors from each device automatically. Which of the following technologies would BEST fit this requirement?


A.      Syslog

B.      RADIUS

C.      IPSec

D.      Network sniffer


Correct Answer: A




Kurt, a network technician, has configured a new firewall on the network. Users are reporting errors when attempting to access several websites. Kurt attempts to access several popular websites with no errors, however, he does receive an error when attempting to access a bank website. Which of the following rules would BEST allow access to the bank website?


A.      Allow UDP port 53

B.      Allow TCP port 80

C.      Allow UDP port 340

D.      Allow TCP port 443


Correct Answer: D




Karen, a user, reports that the web browser is indicating the site certificate is not trusted. Which of the following attacks may be in progress?


A.      Man-in-the-middle

B.      Denial of service

C.      Ping flooding

D.      Smurfing


Correct Answer: A




Joe, a customer, has requested a solution to allow all internally and externally bound traffic to be monitored. Which of the following would allow a packet sniffer to do this?


A.      A VPN client and VPN concentrator

B.      A smart jack installed for each network jack

C.      A managed switch with port mirroring

D.      A proxy server with content filter


Correct Answer: C




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