Which of the following protocols is commonly used for VoIP technology?


A.      Telnet

B.      SMTP

C.      SIP

D.      SNMP


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following metrics identifies the number of connections that is between two devices?


A.      Hop count

B.      MTU

C.      Latency

D.      Bandwidth


Correct Answer: A




A router that takes the workstations internal IP address and changes it to another IP address when it sends the data outside of the network is an example of which of the following?


A.      NAT

B.      IDS

C.      NMAP

D.      DMZ


Correct Answer: A




Karen, a technician, is asked to run new cabling for an office that is 350 feet (107 meters) away from the networking equipment. The type of cable being run is CAT6. Karen purchases and installs a 500 foot (152 meters) CAT6 cable, but after installation, notices a weak signal between the office and the networking equipment. Which of the following would have been the BEST to install instead of the CAT6 cable?


A.      Install two CAT6 cables with a repeater.

B.      Install a 500 foot (152 meter) CAT5 cable.

C.      Install a 500 foot (152 meter) CAT5e cable.

D.      Install three CAT6 cables with a repeater.


Correct Answer: A




Kurt, the network administrator, has just finished installing a new 10/100/1000 switch, but receives reports from the server administrator that servers connected to the new switch seem to be experiencing slow LAN connections. Kurt checks the port connecting the new switch to the core switch and sees the following information:


#show run interface GigabitEthernet 0/10


Switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

Switchport mode trunk

Switchport trunk native VLAN 10


Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the slow connections?


A.      The servers have not had VLAN tagging enabled on their NICs.

B.      Speed and duplex have not been set.

C.      VLAN tagging was not set on the trunk.

D.      The servers have been connected with CAT5 cable.


Correct Answer: B




Karen, an administrator, wants to list all the network connections to and from the server. Which of the following commands would MOST likely be used?


A.      traceroute

B.      ping

C.      ipconfig

D.      netstat


Correct Answer: D




A company plans to implement a wired network between several computers. The company wants this network to be able to have a transmission rate of 1Gbps. Which of the following cable types should be purchased?


A.      Coaxial

B.      CAT3

C.      CAT5

D.      CAT5e


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following regulates the amount of network traffic a single node receives in a server cluster?


A.      Load balancer

B.      Proxy server

C.      Content filter

D.      Quality of service


Correct Answer: A




Before installing a wireless network, which of the following should Karen, a network technician, take into consideration to reduce signal exposure for war drivers?


A.      Device placement

B.      MAC address filtering

C.      User authentication

D.      Encryption protocols


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following ports would have to be allowed through a firewall to allow SNMP traffic to pass on its default port? (Select TWO).


A.      22

B.      23

C.      143

D.      161

E.       162

F.       8080


Correct Answer: DE



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