Which of the following ports carries IMAP traffic, by default, on modern email systems?


A.      23

B.      25

C.      80

D.      143


Correct Answer: D




Karen, a network technician, wants to use a packet analyzer to troubleshoot a reported problem with a user’s workstation with IP address To identity the workstation’s packets Karen wants to use the workstation’s MAC address. Which of the following protocols would provide the needed information?


A.      DHCP

B.      ARP

C.      DNS

D.      PING


Correct Answer: B




Joe, a customer, shares a building with several other tenants. He reports that an unencrypted wireless network has been getting slower while his internet traffic has steadily been increasing. Which of the following should be configured to resolve this problem?


A.      VLAN

B.      MTU

C.      WPA

D.      SSID


Correct Answer: C





Which of the following allows for multiple backend web servers to be accessed through a single public IP address?


A.      Traffic shaping

B.      Caching engines

C.      Port address translation

D.      Quality of service prioritization


Correct Answer: C




Sandy, a technician, is asked to install a wireless router in a company’s public cafe area. The company wants the public to be able to connect to the wireless network with minimal security, but not be able to connect to the private internal network. Which of the following firewall rules would BEST accomplish this?


A.      Content filtering on the wireless access point

B.      Allow traffic from the wireless access point

C.      Block traffic from the wireless access point

D.      Packet filtering on the wireless access point


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following utilities would Karen, a technician, use to resolve the FQDN of a web server to its IP address?


A.      netstat

B.      route

C.      nslookup

D.      arp


Correct Answer: C




Sandy, an administrator, has been tasked with running cables from one office to another neighboring office by running cables over the light fixtures in the ceiling that connects them. To prevent interference, which of the following cable types should Sandy use?


A.      CAT5e

B.      CAT6

C.      Coaxial

D.      Multimode fiber


Correct Answer: D




Joe, the network technician, is configuring the channels being used within the WLAN, to ensure a minimal amount of interference. Which of the following channel setups would be used to avoid overlap?


A.      2, 6, 10

B.      1, 6, 11

C.      1, 7, 10

D.      1, 2, 3


Correct Answer: B




Karen, an administrator, wants to verify which protocols are in use on the network. Which of the following tools should she use?


A.      Intrusion detection software

B.      PoE

C.      Packet sniffer

D.      Intrusion prevention software


Correct Answer: C




Joe, a network administrator, would like to ensure that the footprint of the company’s wireless coverage is limited to the office borders, located on the premises. Which of the following features should he adjust on all of the company’s WAPs to make this change?


A.      SSID masking

B.      PPPOE

C.      Transmission power

D.      Encryption technology


Correct Answer: C


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