Which of the following technologies facilitates the conversion of internal private IP addressing to external public IP addressing?


A.      DHCP

B.      TCP/IP

C.      NAT

D.      SNMP


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following logical network topologies is used to provide a secure connection across the Internet?


A.      VLAN

B.      Peer to Peer

C.      VTP

D.      VPN


Correct Answer: D




An administrator replaced a router with a switch. End users are able to access network shares but are not able to access the Internet. Which of the following is the BEST explanation why the users are unable to access the Internet?


A.      Router routes traffic between different networks and a switch does not.

B.      The new switch is faulty and needs to be replaced and configured correctly.

C.      The firewall needs to be setup to allow traffic to reach the Internet.

D.      The switch needs to be setup to forward data traffic to the Internet.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is a hybrid network topology used for fault tolerance, in which all computers MUST connect to each other?


A.      Star

B.      Ring

C.      Bus

D.      Mesh


Correct Answer: D




A small amount of spoofed packets are being sent across a network and a large amount of reply packets are being sent back to the network resource. Which of the following BEST describes this security threat?


A.      Worm

B.      Smurf

C.      Logic Bomb

D.      Man-in-the-middle


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following protocols requests membership to a multicast group?


A.      IGMP

B.      SNMP

C.      SMTP

D.      ICMP


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following cable types is intended to be used on short distances and is immune to any type of interference?


A.      Single-mode fiber

B.      Multi-mode fiber

C.      Shielded twisted pair

D.      Unshielded twisted pair


Correct Answer: B




The technician notices that one of the wires in a CAT5 cable is cut in half. Which of the following connectivity issues did the technician discover?


A.      Open pairs

B.      Attenuation

C.      Crosstalk

D.      Interference


Correct Answer: A







An administrator attempts to open a web page and sees the following error: ‘Error 404: Page not found’. The administrator then uses the ping command and finds that the default gateway cannot be pinged. At which of the following layers does the problem MOST likely reside?


A.      Layer 1

B.      Layer 4

C.      Layer 5

D.      Layer 7


Correct Answer: A




A wireless access point supports up to 20 clients. Which of the following describes this wireless network?


A.      Mesh

B.      Point to point

C.      Point to multipoint

D.      Ring


Correct Answer: C



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