Which of the following protocols is Karen, a user, utilizing if no handshake or data reliability are required?


A.      TCP

B.      FTP

C.      TFTP

D.      UDP


Correct Answer: D




Sandy, an administrator, believes that the network has been attacked and there is no known definition or prevention method to help avoid this attack. Which of the following BEST describes this scenario?


A.      Zero day attack

B.      DDoS

C.      DoS

D.      SQL injection


Correct Answer: A




Kurt, a new network technician, is monitoring network traffic and notices the network is operating at 80% of capacity. Which of the following could be used to determine if this is abnormally high traffic use?


A.      Network maps

B.      Cable management documentation

C.      Wire schemes

D.      Baseline


Correct Answer: D




Sandy, a network administrator, needs to facilitate traffic from several VLANs over a single port. Which of the following configuration changes would facilitate access?


A.      Traffic filtering

B.      Trunking

C.      MAC filtering

D.      Port mirroring


Correct Answer: B




Sandy, a network technician, has determined that the initial theory of probable cause was incorrect. Which of the following would be the NEXT step in the troubleshooting process?


A.      Implement the solution

B.      Establish a plan

C.      Document findings

D.      Escalate the issue


Correct Answer: D





Which of the following colors represents the outer leads on a connector head of a 568B patch cable? (Select TWO).


A.      Blue, brown/white

B.      Green/white, blue

C.      Orange/white, orange

D.      Blue, blue/white

E.       Brown/white, brown


Correct Answer: CE




Karen and Kurt, attackers, use which of the following network scanners to see the protocols that are being used? (Select TWO).


A.      IDS

B.      Packet sniffer

C.      Port scanners

D.      Malware scanner

E.       Ping sweep


Correct Answer: BC




A company has decided to increase wireless infrastructure security by moving from WEP encryption to WPA2. Technicians change each WAP to the new encryption standard and users are given the new passwords. Many users are able to reconnect using the new authentication, but several users report an inability to reconnect. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?


A.      The users who cannot connect are using older NICs without WPA2 support.

B.      The users who cannot connect are in areas without wireless coverage.

C.      The users who cannot connect have not been placed in the correct VLAN.

D.      The users who cannot connect have not specified the correct signal strength.


Correct Answer: A







Kurt, a network administrator, is checking work on some new CAT5 LAN network cabling installed at an organization. Multiple lines are receiving poor signals, and Kurt finds the lengths of the runs to be sometimes over 350 feet (107 meters). Which of the following is the cause of the issue?


A.      CAT5 cable runs over 330 feet (100 meters) need to utilize STP instead of UTP.

B.      CAT5 cabling is limited to single-run lines of 330 feet (100 meters).

C.      CAT5 cabling is limited to single-run lines of 250 feet (76 meters).

D.      CAT5 cabling needs to have terminators installed at each end for runs over 330 feet (100 meters).


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following has to be defined to guarantee a computer always has a private IP address of


A.      Scope

B.      Lease

C.      Reservation

D.      Dynamic IP addressing


Correct Answer: C


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