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Two SMEs disagree with the designed plan for a particular component. The project will be
delayed if the plan is not approved today. The project manager demands the SMEs work together
to incorporate their modifications by the close of business today. Which of the following
resolution techniques was used?
A. Negotiating
B. Forcing
C. Smoothing
D. Compromise


Correct Answer: B


A project manager has been informed that a project deliverable must be completed by
September 1st. Which of the following BEST describes this situation?
A. Project assumption
B. Project constraint
C. Project risk
D. Acceptance criteria


Correct Answer: B


Which of the following are characteristics of a project? (Select TWO).
A. Temporary
B. Ongoing
C. Unique
D. Repetitious
E. Contains multiple objectives
Correct Answer:C


Which of the following statements BEST describes the project sponsor?
A. They actively participate during the project.
B. They have an active interest in the project閳ユ獨 outcome.
C. They have an impact on the process.
D. They attend the weekly team meetings.


Correct Answer: B


When performing risk analyses, which of the following areas are the MOST closely examined?
(Select TWO).
A. Environment
B. Schedule
C. Cost
D. Leadership
E. Quality


Correct Answer: BC


During the execution stage, the project manager learns that a team member has resigned from
the company. The project manager determines that there are no existing qualified team
members available to fill the vacancy. Which of the following should the project manager do
A. Review the staffing plan.
B. Outsource the position.
C. Delay the scheduled delivery date.
D. Remove the tasks from the WBS.
Correct Answer:


A project manager is finding that stakeholders are not up-to-date on the project status. When
determining how to correct the problem, the project manager should FIRST review which of the
following documents?
A. Responsibility matrix
B. Statement of Work (SOW)
C. Issue log
D. Communications plan


Correct Answer: D


The project manager should officially release team members:
A. when the resource manager requests return
B. during project closure process
C. as soon as the resource閳ユ獨 assigned tasks are complete
D. at the end of the executing phase


Correct Answer: B


Midway during a project, the sponsor tells the project manager to cancel the project. The project
manager should:
A. call the project manager閳ユ獨 manager and request an immediate transfer to a new contract
B. confirm with the customer that the project should be stopped
C. send a sponsor change request to the change control board
D. begin a full contract closure process


Correct Answer: D


A large increase in the price of a critical component threatens to increase the project costs
significantly and the current vendor will not renegotiate. Which of the following should the
project manager do NEXT?
A. Provide a change order to the customer.
B. Continue the project according to the schedule.
C. Return to the qualified sellers list.
D. Ask the project sponsor for more money.


Correct Answer: C

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