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A WBS dictionary:
A. is a granular hierarchical breakdown of the work to be undertaken by the project team, to
meet the objectives of the project
B. provides a description of all of the components of a WBS, and a brief summary of its SOW,
scope and deliverables
C. allocates the WBS components to appropriate teams or named individuals within teams
D. describes how a project will be decomposed into smaller, manageable subprojects or work


Correct Answer: B


Information gathering resources for an initial risk assessment for a project include. (Select THREE)
A. precedence diagramming method
B. SWOT analysis
C. brainstorming
D. crashing
E. delphi technique
F. critical chain method


Correct Answer: BCE


During the execution phase of a large scale project, a new stakeholder is identified that has vital information that could impact the completion of the project. Which of the following is the FIRST activity the project manager should undertake?
A. Call a meeting of the key stakeholders to introduce the new stakeholder and discuss the new input/requirements.
B. Halt the project immediately; accept any changes requested by the new stakeholder once all current stakeholders have been informed.
C. Discuss the new stakeholder閳ユ獨 inputs/requirements with the project sponsor and take advice on the consequent actions.
D. Request that the new stakeholder raise an urgent change request for authorization to change the scope of the project and submit it via the documented change request procedure.
Correct Answer:


All of the following are found in the project scope document EXCEPT:
A. scheduled milestones
B. defined risks
C. constraints


Correct Answer: D


The value of the EV is $65,000, and the value of the AC is $40,000. Which of the following is the correct monetary value for the CV?
A. $25,000
B. $65,000
C. -$65,000
D. $105,000
Correct Answer:


An ongoing project has a CV of $15,000 and an EV of $45,000. Which of the following represents the project閳ユ獨 AC?
A. .33
B. 3
C. $30,000
D. $60,000


Correct Answer: C


Which of the following represents an ongoing project with a CPI equal to .9?
A. AC is $90,000; EV is $100,000
B. CV is $10,000; AC is $100,000
C. CV is $10,000; EV is $100,000
D. EV is $90,000; AC is $100,000


Correct Answer: D


Which of the following conclusions can be drawn when a project has a CPI of 1.2?
A. The project is taking longer than the estimated schedule.
B. The project is costing less than the estimated budget.
C. The project is taking less time than the estimated schedule.
D. The project is costing more than the estimated budget.


Correct Answer: B


Which of the following circumstances requires a project closure? (Select TWO).
A. The project deliverables are not meeting quality standards.
B. The project progresses beyond the scheduled end date.
C. The project is over the allotted budget.
D. The project activities and deliverables are completed.
E. The project has been cancelled.


Correct Answer: DE


Which of the following project phases includes the transition plan?
A. Executing
B. Closing
C. Planning
D. Monitoring / Controlling


Correct Answer: B

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