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A project team has been unable to complete a project because a functional manager has refused
to allow access to the building to complete an asset inventory. Which of the following tools might
the project manager use to document this occurrence? (Select TWO).
A. An issues log
B. A work authorization system (WAS)
C. A risk register
D. A responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)
E. A RACI chart
Correct Answer:C


A project manager has requested a part from a supplier. A supplier may be able to provide the
part within two days. Because there is a trade embargo, it may take six days to receive the part.
A local supplier will be able to provide the part within four days. How many days might it take to
receive the part?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6


Correct Answer: B


A key stakeholder asks the project manager to change the scope of a project four days prior to
the completion of the project. Which of the following is the NEXT step that the project manager
should take to accommodate this request?
A. The project manager should ask the stakeholder to submit the request to the change control
B. The project manager should revise the statement of work (SOW) for the key stakeholder.
C. The project manager should make the requested change for the key stakeholder.
D. The project manager should tell the stakeholder that it is too late in the project to accept the
scope change.
Correct Answer:


The stakeholders make a decision to outsource project resources to complete the project early
and to reduce costs. Which of the following project constraints would be MOST affected by this
change? (Select TWO).
A. Project quality
B. Project time
C. Project budget
D. Project scope
E. Project risks


Correct Answer: BC


While preparing closing documentation, it is BEST to identify:
A. strengths since the documentation will be entered into historical records
B. weaknesses for the team members so they will know what they did wrong
C. strengths since the customer will be in the meeting
D. the project閳ユ獨 strengths and weaknesses equally


Correct Answer: D


The BEST way to manage communication with the stakeholders on project status would be to:
A. deliver daily emails with project sheets and updates
B. have an open conference call for an afternoon once a month
C. hold a team meeting every week
D. deliver emails upon each milestone accomplishment


Correct Answer: D


When would a project manager have a closure meeting? (Select THREE).
A. Stage completion
B. Task completion
C. Document completion
D. Project cancellation
E. Project completion
F. Vendor cancellation
Correct Answer:DE


Faced with a complex project with many stages, which of the following is the BEST action for the
project manager to take?
A. Employ phase closure meetings.
B. Encourage vendors to work overtime.
C. Request a schedule extension.
D. Hire additional contractors.
Correct Answer:


When are project closure procedures determined?
A. During the planning phase.
B. During the monitoring/controlling phase.
C. During the closure phase.
D. During the execution phase.
Correct Answer:


Which of the following is a benefit of identifying the project’s stakeholders during the
stakeholder analysis?
A. The project will have increased support.
B. The project cost will be decreased.
C. The project will finish on schedule.
D. The team members will have their roles clearly defined.
Correct Answer:

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