A technician is installing new memory in a server. The technician would consult the HCL to ensure which of the following?


A.      Memory and virtual memory compatibility

B.      Memory and speed compatibility

C.      Memory and HDD compatibility

D.      ESD standards were followed


Correct Answer: B




A technician wants to decrease the overall attack surface of the servers in a data center through decreasing the number of open network ports on each server. Which of the following could the technician implement to increase security?


A.      Host based intrusion detection software

B.      Software firewall

C.      NTFS

D.      ACL


Correct Answer: B




The primary purpose of an SLA between the service provider and customer is to agree on which of the following?


A. Monthly bandwidth limits, server configuration, and software baseline.

B. Number of dedicated technicians assigned to network issues.

C. Level of service including energy consumption, bandwidth and server color.

D. Level of service including time limits for service, repair and replacement.


Correct Answer: D




Lightening causes a power surge and leads to a fire in the datacenter. Following emergency procedures, which of the following is the FIRST thing the server administrator should do?


A.      Turn off all electrical power

B.      Remove all backup media

C.      Implement fire suppression

D.      Evacuate all personnel


Correct Answer: D




If there is a conflict in policy for data retention, which of the following should the technician adhere to FIRST?


A.      Industry best practices

B.      Company policy

C.      International standards

D.      Local legal requirements


Correct Answer: D




A major difference between archiving and backing up data is that data backups:


A.      contain data removed from the server.

B.      contain data that still resides on the server.

C.      are stored with the servers.

D.      are stored securely.


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following on-board components is used exclusively for exchanging data with remote machines?


A.      PCI

B.      USB

C.      AGP

D.      NIC


Correct Answer: D




A server in the production environment monitors output from various sensors along an assembly line. New equipment is being added to the line that will require monitoring. The server administrator needs to add additional inputs to the server for this new equipment. Which of the following input types is MOST likely required?


A.      EIDE

B.      SATA

C.      Serial

D.      Video


Correct Answer: C




A server needs to have memory added to support a new application. It currently is using PC4200 in a single channel configuration. Which of the following would be the correct memory upgrade?


A.      Install larger capacity PC2100 dual channel memory modules.

B.      Add a PCI expansion card with PC2100 single channel memory modules.

C.      Install smaller capacity PC4200 single channel memory modules.

D.      Install larger capacity PC4200 single channel memory modules.


Correct Answer: D




A hypervisor has 4GB of RAM, 1TB of RAID 5 SATA storage, two Xeon 2.4GHz Quad Core Processors, and four gigabit NIC cards. The hypervisor is running twelve guest operating systems and users are reporting slow response times. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?


A.      Processor

B.      RAM

C.      HDD

D.      NIC


Correct Answer: B




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