Which of the following models would be MOST useful in helping to define roles and responsibilities in an organization structure?


A.  RACI model

B.  Incident model

C.  Continual service improvement (CSI) model

D.  The Deming Cycle


Answer:  A




Which of the following is the responsibility of supplier management to negotiate and agree?


A.  Service level agreements (SLAs)

B.  Third-party contracts

C.  The service portfolio

D.  Operational level agreements (OLAs)


Answer:  B




In which of the following areas would the ITIL complementary guidance be of assistance?


1. Adapting best practice for specific industry sectors

2. Integrate ITIL with other operating models


A.  both of the above

B.  Niether of the above

C.  1 only

D.  2 only


Answer:  A




Which of the following statements BEST describes a Definitive Media Library (DML)?


A.  A secure location where definitive hardware spares are held

B.  A secure library where definitive authorized versions of all software and back-ups are stored and protected

C.  A secure electronic library that contains all copies of software and licenses

D.  A secure library where definitive authorized versions of all media Configuration Items (CIs) are stored and protected


Answer:  D




Which of the following is the BEST description of a Service-based Service Level Agreement (SLA)?


A.  An agreement with an individual customer group, covering all the services that they use

B.  An agreement that covers one service for a single customer

C.  An agreement that covers service specific issues in a multi-level SLA structure

D.  An agreement that covers one service for all users of that service


Answer:  D




What does a service always deliver to customers?


A.  Applications

B.  Infrastructure

C.  Value

D.  Resources


Answer:  C




Which of the following would a Major Problem Review examine?


1. Things that were done correctly

2. Those things that were done incorrectly

3. How to prevent recurrence

4. What could be done better in the future


A.  1 only

B.  2 and 3 only

C.  1, 2 and 4 only

D.  All of the above


Answer:  D




Which of the following is an objective are objective of the service strategy stage of the service lifecycle?


1. Providing an understanding of what strategy is

2. Ensuring a working relationship between the customer and service provider

3. Defining how value is created


A.  1 only

B.  2 only

C.  3 only

D.  All of the above


Answer:  D




Which of the following can help determine the level of impact of a problem?


A.  Definitive Media Library (DML)

B.  Configuration Management System (CMS)

C.  Statement of Requirements (SOR)

D.  Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


Answer:  B





Which of the following is NOT an objective of Problem Management?


A.  Eliminating recurring Incidents

B.  Minimizing the impact of Incidents that cannot be prevented

C.  Preventing Problems and resulting Incidents from happening

D.  Restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible and Minimizing adverse impact on the business


Answer:  D


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