Implementation of ITIL Service Management requires preparing and planning the effective and efficient use of:


A.  People, Process, Partners, Suppliers

B.  People, Process, Products, Technology

C.  People, Process, Products, Partners

D.  People, Products, Technology, Partners


Answer:  C




Who is responsible for defining Key Performance Indicators for Change Management?


A.  The Service Owner

B.  The Continual Service Improvement Manager

C.  The Change Advisory Board (CAB)

D.  The Change Management Process Owner


Answer:  D




Which of the following is event management NOT used for?


A.  Intrusion detection in the data center

B.  Recording and monitoring environmental conditions in the data center

C.  Recording service desk staff absence

D.  Monitoring the status of configuration items


Answer:  A




A Process Owner has been identified with an “I” in a RACI matrix. Which of the following would be expected of them?


A.  Tell others about the progress of an activity

B.  Perform an activity

C.  Be kept up to date on the progress of an activity

D.  Manage an activity


Answer:  C




The MAIN objective of Service Level Management is:


A.  To carry out the Service Operations activities needed to support current IT services

B.  To ensure that sufficient capacity is provided to deliver the agreed performance of services

C.  To create and populate a Service Catalogue

D.  To ensure that an agreed level of IT service is provided for all current IT services


Answer:  D




Which process is responsible for discussing reports with customers showing whether services have met their targets?


A.  Availability Management

B.  Service Level Management

C.  Continual Service Improvement

D.  Business Relationship Management


Answer:  B




When can a Known Error record be raised?


1. At any time it would be useful to do so

2. After the permanent solution has been implemented


A.  2 only

B.  1 only

C.  Neither of the above

D.  Both of the above


Answer:  A




Which of the following are the two primary elements that create value for customers?


A.  Value on investment (VOI) and return on investment (ROI)

B.  Customer and user satisfaction

C.  Service requirements and warranty

D.  Resources and capabilities


Answer:  D




Which process contains the Business, Service and Component sub-processes?


A.  Capacity Management

B.  Incident Management

C.  Service Level Management

D.  Financial Management


Answer:  A




Which areas of service management can benefit from automation?


1. Design and modelling

2. Reporting

3. Pattern recognition and analysis

4. Detection and monitoring


A.  1, 2 and 3 only

B.  1, 3 and 4 only

C.  2, 3 and 4 only

D.  All of the above


Answer:  D


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