Major Incidents require?


A.  Less documentation

B.  Longer timescales

C.  Less urgency

D.  Separate procedures


Answer:  D





A Service Level Agreement is?


A.  The part of a contract that specifies responsibilities of each party

B.  An agreement between the Service Provider and their customer

C.  An agreement between a Service Provider and an external supplier

D.  An agreement between the Service Provider and an internal organization


Answer:  B




Which of these activities would be performed by a service desk?


1. Logging details of incidents and service requests

2. Providing first-line investigation and diagnosis

3. Restoring services

4. Implementing all standard changes


A.  all of the above

B.  1, 2 and 3 only

C.  2 and 4 only

D.  3 and 4 only


Answer:  B




Which process is responsible for controlling, recording and reporting on versions, attributes and relationships relating to components of the IT infrastructure?


A.  Service Level Management

B.  Change Management

C.  Incident Management

D.  Service Asset and Configuration Management


Answer:  D




Which process is responsible for the availability, confidentiality and integrity of data?


A.  Service catalogue management

B.  Service asset and configuration management

C.  Change management

D.  Information security management


Answer:  D




Which process is responsible for sourcing and delivering components of requested standard services?


A.  Request Fulfillment

B.  Service Portfolio Management

C.  Service Desk

D.  IT Finance


Answer:  A




What is the BEST description of the purpose of service operation?


A.  To decide how IT will engage with suppliers during the service lifecycle

B.  To proactively prevent all outages to IT services

C.  To design and build processes that will meet business needs

D.  To deliver and manage IT services at agreed levels to business users and customers


Answer:  D




Which of the following is NOT a part of the service design stage of the service lifecycle?


A.  Designing and maintaining all necessary service transition packages

B.  Producing quality, secure and resilient designs for new or improved services

C.  Taking the overall service strategies and ensuring they are reflected in the Service Design process and the service designs that are produced

D.  Measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of service design and the supporting processes


Answer:  A




Which stage of the service lifecycle is MOST concerned with defining policies and objectives?


A.  Service design

B.  Service transition

C.  Continual service improvement

D.  Service operation


Answer:  A




Which of the following statements about incident reporting and logging is CORRECT?


A.  Incidents can only be reported by users

B.  Incidents can be reported by anyone who detects a disruption or potential disruption to normal service

C.  All calls to the service desk must be logged as incidents

D.  Incidents reported by technical staff must also be logged as problems


Answer:  B



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