In order to append the output of ls to a file called bazz, which of the following command lines would you use?

A. ls > bazz

B. ls >& bazz

C. ls &> bazz

D. ls >> bazz

Answer: D


Which command is used to dump files in octal format?

A. od

B. octdump

C. dumpoct

D. cat -o

Answer: A


You have created a really long letter and after you are done, you notice that you used the name “Bob” many times but your forgot to capitalize it in many instances. Which command would you replace “bob” with “Bob” in all instances and generate a new letter for printing?

A. sed `/bob/Bob’ letter > newletter

B. sed s/bob/Bob/ letter < newletter

C. sed `s/bob/Bob’ letter > newletter

D. sed `s/bob/Bob/g’ letter > newletter

E. sed s/bob, Bob/’ letter > newletter

Answer: D


You are logged in as user tux1, but now you want to switch users to tux2 with tux2’s environment. How would you do this?

A. su tux2

B. su -e tux2

C. su – tux2

D. su -m tux2

E. su -f tux2

Answer: C


You wish to kill a process with a PID of 123. Select the command which will allow the process to “clean up” before exiting.

A. kill -1 123

B. kill -9 123

C. kill -15 123

D. kill -17 123

Answer: C


You have read/write permission on an ordinary file foo. You have just run ln foo bar. What would happen if you ran rm foo?

A. foo and bar would both be removed.

B. foo would be removed while bar would remain accessible.

C. foo would be removed. bar would still exist but would be unusable.

D. Both foo and bar would remain accessible.

E. You would be asked whether bar should be removed.

Answer: B


Which command will print line numbers before each line in a file?

A. ln

B. nl

C. cat -n

D. numline

Answer: B


You need to create a simple hierarchy of directories: images/photos/summer/ottawa/. None of the directories on that path exists. What command will create all of the needed directories in one step?

A. mkdir -r images/photos/summer/ottawa/

B. mkdir -R images/photos/summer/ottawa/

C. mkdir -p images/photos/summer/ottawa/

D. mkdir -P images/photos/summer/ottawa/

E. mkdir -m images/photos/summer/ottawa/

Answer: C


While using the vi editor, you wish to move ahead one page. You should press the control key and:

A. A

B. D

C. F

D. U

Answer: C


You enter the command date +%M. Wat does the output show you?

A. the current year

B. the current month

C. the current hour

D. the current minute

E. the current second

Answer: D



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