You want to change the aging information in the /etc/shadow file. What is the best utility to use to do this?

A. vi

B. emacs

C. usermod

D. modinfo

E. chage

Answer: E


You’ve been reviewing your security checklist and one of the items calls for reviewing the

/etc/passwd file. You cat the file and notice that, while most users have an x in the second column, a few have a 14 character string in the second column. What action, if any, should you take?

A. No action. The users with an x have their accounts locked.

B. Run pwconv to convert the unix passwords to shadow passwords.

C. Use the passwd program to give the users with the hashed passwords new passwords.

D. Use the passwd program to give the users with the x new passwords.

E. No action. Linux knows how to handle the situation and allow user logins.

Answer: B


You’ve decided to convert from standard shadow passwords to MD5 passwords. You make the appropriate changes to the /etc/pam.d/ files. What do you do next?

A. Nothing, the passwords will be changed as users login and out.

B. Nothing, users will be automatically prompted to change their passwords at the next login.

C. You need to manually change all the passwords using the passwd program.

D. Delete and recreate all the users.

E. Change the /etc/pam.d files back because shadow passwords and MD5 passwords are incompatible.

Answer: C


If you need to view per-user disk space usage on a filesystem, the ______ command can provide that information if the kernel is built to support it.



du – estimate file space usage example: du -h file/directory.


What is a well-known service that binds port 25 and is it required on all hosts?

A. SNMP and it should be turned off if not needed.

B. SMTP and it is a required service.

C. SMTP and it is only required on MX hosts.

D. SLPD and it is required if you run LDAP services.

E. SSHD and it is required for secure logins.

Answer: C


How many cron fields are there for specifying the time to execute a cron job?

A. 1

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

E. 6

Answer: D


What command will unload a kernel module?

A. rmmod

B. unmod

C. delmod

D. modprobe

E. unloadmod

Answer: A


When preparing to compile a new kernel, which of the following commands can be used to create the configuration file?

A. make config

B. make kernel

C. ./configure

D. make kernelconfig

E. [Kernel Source Path]/Configure

Answer: A


Which of the following could be used to load kernel modules for a 2.4.x kernel?

A. vi/proc/modules

B. rmmod

C. kmod

D. depmod

Answer: C


You have just recompiled a new kernel and rebooted your system with the new kernel.

Unfortunately you are getting “Can’t locate module” error messages. Which of the following is most likely to be the source of the problem?

A. You copied the modules to the wrong directory.

B. You did not configure modular support into the kernel.

C. You did not run depmod after installing the modules.

D. You did not install the modules.

Answer: B

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