Which of the following files has the correct permissions?

A. –rw–w–w- 1 root root 369 Dec 22 22:38 /etc/shadow

B. –rwxrw-rw- 1 root root 369 Dec 22 22:38 /etc/shadow

C. –rw-r–r– 1 root root 369 Dec 22 22:38 /etc/shadow

D. –rw——- 1 root root 369 Dec 22 22:38 /ect/shadow

Answer: D


You have a user whose account you want to disable but not remove. What should you do?

A. Edit /etc/gshadow and just remove his name.

B. Edit /etc/passwd and change all numbers to 0.

C. Edit /etc/shadow file and remove the last field.

D. Edit /etc/passwd and insert an * after the first:.

E. Edit /etc/group file and put a # sign in front of his name.

Answer: D


What is the purpose of the bash built-in export command?

A. To allow disks to be mounted remotely.

B. To run a command as a process in a sub-shell.

C. To make the command history available to sub-shells.

D. To setup environment variables for applications.

E. To share NFS partitions for use by other systems on the network.

Answer: D


To correct crontab entry to execute the script chklog once per hour between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.on

Monday and Thursday each week is:

A. 0 3,4,5 * * 2,5 chklog

B. 0 3,4,5 * * 1,4 chklog

C. 0 15,16;17 * * 1,4 chklog

D. 0 15,16,17 1,4 * * chklog

E. * 15,16,17 * * 1,4 chklog

Answer: C


You want to make sure all Bash users, when they login, get access to a new program in /opt/bin (not currently in their PATH). To ensure this you would put the command: PATH=$PATH:/opt/bin; export PATH in what file?

Answer: /etc/profile


You are working in a graphical environment and trying to configure PPP, but are having problems. You know that PPP uses the local2 facility for logging. To better watch what’s going on, you decide to open an Xconsole session and sent all local2 messages there. How should you configure /etc/syslog.conf to show you all messages sent from PPP?

A. local2.* /dev/console

B. local2.* /dev/xconsole

C. *.local2 /dev/xconsole

D. *.local2 *

Answer: B


Which of the following correctly describe the relationship between depmod and modprobe?

A. depmod creates a dependency file for use by modprobe

B. modprobe creates a dependency file for use by depmod

C. they have no relationship

D. they can replace each other

Answer: A


The normal use of depmod is to include which of the following lines in one of the files in /etc/rc.d

so the correct module dependencies will be available after booting the system?

A. /sbin/depmod -a

B. /sbin/depmod -p

C. /sbin/depmod -r

D. /sbin/depmod -c

Answer: A


What command option of depmod allows you to print a list of all unresolved symbols?

A. -e

B. -l

C. -i

D. -a

Answer: A


Which of the following commands loads the module file into the kernel and changes any symbols that are defined on the command line?

A. insmod

B. depmod

C. modprobe

D. setmod

Answer: A

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