After unpacking source code, what file is used by configure to create a final Makefile?

A. configure.in

B. configure.ac

C. Makefile.in

D. Makefile.tmpl

Answer: C


User Joseph has successfully extracted and compiled a program from source code. Installing the binaries produces errors. What is the most likely reason?

A. The source code was compiled for a different CPU

B. The permissions set in the /usr/bin directory are wrong

C. The binaries require root privileges to be installed

D. The wrong prefix was used during configuration of the source code

Answer: C


You have finished updating and resolving dependencies for some source code. What command should you run before recompiling the code into binary form?

A. make clean

B. make all

C. make dep

D. make install

Answer: A


How can you manually add an entry to your system’s ARP cache?

A. Directly edit /etc/arp-cache

B. Run add-arp hostname FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF

C. Run ping -a hostname

D. Run arp -s hostname FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF

E. Edit arp.conf and restart arpd

Answer: D


You find that a host ( being used on one of your client’s networks has been compromised with a backdoor program listening on port 31337. Your client requests a list of originating IP addresses connecting to that port. Using a Linux workstation as traffic analyzer, which of the following commands would gather the data requested by the client?

A. tcpdump host and port 31337 -w out

B. nmap host

C. arpwatch -n -p 31337 > capture

D. pcap -d

E. ipwatch –syn -p 31337 –1og=out

Answer: A


Which tool can be used to control the runtime behavior of udev?

A. udev

B. udevctl

C. udevadm

D. udevconfig

E. udevclient

Answer: C


What is the purpose of udevmonitor?

A. Listen to kernel events produced by a udev rule and print information to the console

B. Monitors the /dev directory for new devices

C. Monitors the udev process and prints performance statistics to the console

D. Communicates with D-Bus to setup new devices

Answer: A


What is the term for unmounting a filesystem, which cleans up all references to the filesystem, as soon as it is not in use any longer?

A. soft

B. strong

C. forced

D. lazy

E. delayed

Answer: D


Which system files are updated as devices are mounted and unmount to provide information on the mounted devices and the options used? (Please specify TWO answers)

A. /proc/dtab

B. /etc/mtab

C. /etc/fstab

D. /proc/mounts

E. /proc/devices

Answer: B, D


On a Debian based system, which command can be used to stop the apache2 init script from running at boot time once the real script has been removed from /etc/init.d/?

A. update-rc.d -d apache2

B. update-rc.d apache2 delete

C. update-rc.d remove apache2

D. update-rc.d apache2 remove

E. update-rc.d delete apache2

Answer: D

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