Running sysctl has the same effect as:


A.      Changing the kernel compilation parameters

B.      Writing to files inside /proc

C.      Changing process limits using ulimit

D.      Editing files inside /etc/sysconfig

E.       There is no equivalent to this utility

Answer: B


Which files are read by the lsdev command? (Please specify THREE answers)


A.      /proc/dma

B.      /proc/filesystems

C.      /proc/interrupts

D.      /proc/ioports

E.       /proc/swaps

Answer: A, C, D


Which of the following describes the main purpose of strace?


A.      Show the TCP/IP stack data, to help to solve network problems

B.      Help to follow the traces of intruders of the internal network

C.      Debug programs by displaying the original code of the program. It’s a kind of “disassembler”

D.      Reverse engineer applications, resulting in the source code of the program

E.       Debug programs by monitoring system calls and reporting them

Answer: E


The following data is some of the output produced by a program. Which program produced this output?

strftime (” Thu”, 1024, “%a”, 0xb7f64380) =4 fwrite (“Thu”, 3, 1, 0xb7f614e0) =1

fputc (‘ ‘, 0xb7f614e0) =32

strftime (” Feb”, 1024, ” %b”, 0xb7f64380) =4

fwrite (“Feb”, 3, 1, 0xb7f614e0) =1

fputc (‘ ‘, 0xb7f614e0) =32

fwrite (“19”, 2, 1, 0xb7f614e0) =1


A.      lsof

B.      ltrace

C.      nm

D.      strace

E.       time

Answer: B


On bootup, LILO prints out LIL and stops. What is the cause of this?


A.      The descriptor table is bad

B.      LILO failed to load the second stage loader

C.      LILO failed to load the primary stage loader

D.      LILO failed to locate the kernel image

Answer: A


A server was rebuilt using a full system backup but with a different disk setup. The kernel won’t boot, complaining it cannot find the root filesystem. Which of the following commands will fix this error by pointing the kernel image to the new root partition?


A.      mkbootdisk

B.      tune2fs

C.      rdev

D.      grub-install

E.       fdisk

Answer: C


A. administrator wants to issue the command echo 1 >/var/ log/boater.log once all of the scripts in / etc/rc2.d have been executed. What is the best way to accomplish this?


A.      Add the command to /etc/rc.local

B.      Create a script in ~/.kde/Autostart/ and place the command in it

C.      Create a script in /etc/init.d/ and place a link to it in /etc/rc2.d/

D.      Create a script in /etc/rc2.d/ and place the command in it

Answer: A


A. administrator has placed an executable in the directory /etc/init.d, however it is not being executed when the system boots into runlevel 2. What is the most likely cause of this?


A.      The script has not been declared in /etc/services

B.      runleve1 2 is not declared in /etc/inittab

C.      The script has the permissions 700 and is owned by root

D.      A corresponding link was not created in /etc/rc2.d

Answer: D


For an LDAP client configuration, the LDAP base needs to be set. Which TWO of the following actions would achieve that?


A.      export LDAPBASE=dc=linuxfoo,dc=com

B.      export BASE=dc=linuxfoo,dc=com

C.      Edit ldapbase.conf and add “BASE dc=linuxfoo,dc=com”.

D.      Edit cldap.conf and add “BASE dc=linuxfoo,dc=com”.

E.       Edit ldap.conf and add “BASE dc=linuxfoo,dc=com”.

Answer: A,E


Which of the following options can be passed to a DHCP client machine using configuration options on the DHCP server?


A.      The NIS domain name

B.      The resolving order in /etc/resolv.conf

C.      The priority order in nsswitch.conf

D.      The filter rules for iptables

E.       The contents of hosts.allow and hosts.deny

Answer: A



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