Your network contains an Active Directory domain. All DNS servers are domain controllers. You view the properties of the DNS zone as shown in the exhibit.




You need to ensure that only domain members can register DNS records in the zone. What should you do first?


A.       Modify the zone type.

B.       Create a trust anchor.

C.       Modify the Advanced properties of the DNS server.

D.      Modify the Dynamic updates setting.


Correct Answer: A




Your network contains two Active Directory forests named contoso.com and nwtraders.com. The functional level of both forests is Windows Server 2003. Contoso.com contains one domain. Nwtraders.com contains two domains. You need to ensure that users in contoso.com can access the resources in all domains. The solution must require the minimum number of trusts. Which type of trust should you create?


A.       external

B.       forest

C.       realm

D.      shortcut


Correct Answer: B


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