When you are setting up SnapMirror, which three are replication pre-requisites? (Choose three.)


A.      The source volume must be offline.

B.      SnapMirror must be licensed for each storage system.

C.      If you are replicating a volume, you must create a restricted volume to be used as the SnapMirror.

D.      The capacity of the SnapMirror destination must be greater than or equal to the capacity of the source destination volume.


Answer: BCD




Which command would you use to verify that the iSCSI service is running?


A.      iscsi protocol

B.      iscsi service

C.      iscsi show

D.      iscsi status


Answer: D




Identify the two commands that could be entered on the SnapMirror destination storage system. (Choose two.)


A.      snapmirror resync

B.      snapmirror release

C.      snapmirror initialize

D.      options snapmirror.access on


Answer: AC




You have quiesced a SnapMirror relationship. Which command would re-establish the scheduled updates?


A.      snapmirror restart

B.      snapmirror resume

C.      snapmirror resync

D.      snapmirror update


Answer: B




In a volume SnapMirror relationship, the source and destination volumes must be the same size.


A.      True

B.      False


Answer: B




Which two statements apply to the fs_size_fixed volume option? (Choose two.)


A.      The default setting is on.

B.      This option is automatically set to be on when a volume becomes a SnapMirrored volume.

C.      This option turns to off after the snapmirror break command is issued for the relationship.

D.      This option causes the SnapMirror destination volume to remain the same size and not grow or shrink when a SnapMirrored volume relationship is broken.


Answer: BD




Which three statements apply to the SnapMirror visibility_interval argument? (Choose three.)


A.      The default interval value is five minutes.

B.      The smallest interval value supported is 30 seconds.

C.      This variable controls the view of the data on the destination system.

D.      By setting a value, you specify the amount of time before an automatic snapshot is created on the source volume that is synchronously mirrored.


Answer: BCD




SnapMirror will automatically try to restart a transfer after ___________.


A.      an initial transfer is interrupted

B.      a manual update is interrupted

C.      a transfer interrupted by reboot

D.      a scheduled incremental update is interrupted


Answer: D



Which keyword alone can be used to convert an asynchronous SnapMirror relationship to a synchronous SnapMirror relationship?


A.      sync

B.      cksum

C.      src_con

D.      outstanding


Answer: A




Which option will allow a storage system to SnapMirror from this source system?


A.      snapmirror.access

B.      snapmirror.destination

C.      options snapmirror.allow host =

D.      options snapmirror.access host =


Answer: D

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