Which two operations can be performed with the SnapDrive for windows graphical user interface?


A.      Create volume

B.      Create Snapshot copies

C.      Create File

D.      Create Disk


Answer: BD




Which storage system command would display the WWPNs of hosts that have logged into storage system using a Fibre Channel connection?


A.      fcp config

B.      fcp initiator show

C.      fcp show -i

D.      fcp show initiator


Answer: D




In a Fiber Channel configuration, the host’s HBA is referred to as the ___________, and the storage system’s HBA to as the _____________.


A.      Target, initiator

B.      Primary, secondary

C.      Initiator, target

D.      Secondary, primary


Answer: C




Which action will cause a currently in-sync SnapMirror relationship to fail out of sync?


A.      Running snapmirroe update on the source storage system.

B.      Running snapmirror release on the source storage system.

C.      Modifying the /etc/snapmirror.conf file for the relationship on the source storage system

D.      Modifying the /etc/snapmirror.conf file for the relationship on the destination storage system.


Answer: D






You are trying to do a single file SnapRestore for a file, but you are receiving an error message that the directory structure no longer exists. Which is the most likely explanation?


A.      Once the directory structure has been deleted, you cannot restore the file using single file SnapRestore. You must now SnapRestore the volume.

B.      Snapshot copies have been created since the original directory structure was deleted.

C.      You must recreate the directory structure before trying to restore the file.

D.      You cannot restore a file to an alternate location.


Answer: C




Which mechanism allows you to make LUNs available to some initiators and unavailable to others?


A.      LUN masking

B.      LUN grouping

C.      LUN cloning

D.      LUN hiding


Answer: A




An iSCSI ______________ is established when the host initiator logs into the iSCSI target. Within a ______________ you can have one or more ____________.


A.      session, session, connections

B.      connection, session, connections

C.      connection, connection, sessions

D.      session, connection, sessions


Answer: A




Which NetApp Virtual Storage Tier component works at the host level?


A.      Flash Pool

B.      Flash Disk

C.      Flash Accel

D.      Flash Cache

E.       Flash IO


Answer: C




When using a Protection Manager policy to manage Open systems SnapValut backups on a UNIX server, which three valid objects to include in the data set? (Choose three)


A.      The entire client

B.      A directory

C.      A file

D.      A qtree


Answer: ABC




What does it signify if the disks are “not owned” in a FAS2020 system?


A.      The disks are mailbox disks.

B.      The disks are spare disks.

C.      The disks are data disks.

D.      The disks are not used.


Answer: D

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