A volume SnapMirror relationship is allowed between two SnapLock Compliance volumes if the destination volume has unexpired WORM files.


A.      True

B.      False


Answer: B




What is the maximum number of disk shelves per loop in a fabric-attached MetroCluster?


A.      1

B.      2

C.      4

D.      6


Answer: B




Which command displays the disk ownership for both CPU modules in a FAS2020 system?


A.      disk own -s

B.      disk show -v

C.      vol status -r

D.      disk display r


Answer: B




To remove a cluster setup, you must perform these steps:


1.         Type cf disable.

2.         Unlicense cluster.

3.         Remove partner entries for network interfaces from the /etc/rc file.

4.         Halt and make sure the partner-sysid is blank.

5.         Power down and remove the cluster interconnect card.

6.         Perform steps 1-5 above on the partner node.


A.        True

B.        False


Answer: A




You are troubleshooting a clustered failover problem at a customer site. The customer explains that both storage systems were NFS mounted onto the Solaris host. While in takeover mode, you attempt to create a file on the NFS mount point for the inaccessible system, but you get the following error:


NFS server filer2 not responding still trying.


When not in takeover mode, both storage systems operate normally and you do not get the error.

You perform a "cf giveback" and you can now create a file over NFS on both systems. What should you do first to resolve this issue?


A.      Replace the NIC adapter.

B.      Submit a new bug report.

C.      Use the cluster-config-checker.cgi to identify the problem and corrective action.

D.      Replace the cluster interconnect card and run diagnostics "all" to ensure proper system operation.


Answer: C




Each storage system in a cluster must have network access to the __________.


A.      Internet

B.      cluster partner

C.      same administration

D.      host same collection of subnets


Answer: D




One method of configuring an interface for takeover is to enter ifconfig interface partner address at the command line. To make this configuration persistent across reboots, you must enter this information in the ___________ file for each system.


A.      /etc/rc

B.      /etc/hosts

C.      /vol/vol0/home

D.      /vol/vol0/mount


Answer: A




What is the maximum distance between a standard clustered pair at 2Gbps?


A.      10 meters

B.      50 meters

C.      100 meters

D.      500 meters

Answer: D




In an active/active configuration in takeover mode, the surviving controller interfaces will reflect the identity of the ___________.


A.      local interfaces only

B.      failed partner interfaces only

C.      local and failed partner interfaces

D.      interfaces as defined in the /etc/rc file


Answer: D




When using SnapRestore to restore a single LUN, the LUN must be ___________.


A.      exported and accessible

B.      mapped to a Windows server

C.      mounted on a host

D.      taken offline or unmapped


Answer: D

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