For each Open Systems platform directory to be backed up to the SnapVault secondary storage system you must execute _____________.


A.      An initial baseline copy

B.      A temporary copy

C.      An incremental copy

D.      A scheduled update copy


Answer: A






What is the maximum distance between a standard clustered pair at 2Bbps?


A.      100 meters

B.      10 meters

C.      50 meters

D.      500 meters


Answer: D




Which exportfs command will temporally export the resource while ignoring the options specified in the /etc/exports file?


A.      exportfs – v <path>

B.      exportfs – u <path>

C.      exportfs – a <path>

D.      exportfs – i <path>


Answer: D




Is NetApp storage Encryption supported in Data ONTAP 8.1.1 Cluster-Mode?


A.      No, but you can file a PVR to request support.

B.      No. it is targeted for a future release of Data ONATP.

C.      Yes, only with a special license installed.

D.      Yes, it has been supported since 8.0.1.


Answer: D




Which two cp types would indicate a busy storage system? (Choose two).


A.      cp_from_log_full

B.      cp_from_busy

C.      cp_from_cp

D.      cp_from_timer


Answer: AC


There are three phases of Non-Disruptive Volume Movement (NDVM). What is the correct sequence of these phases?


A.      Setup Phase, Mirror Phase, Cutover Phase

B.      Initialization phase, Copy Phase, Migrate Phase

C.      Begin Phase, Move Phase, Complete Phase

D.      Setup Phase, Data Copy Phase, Cutover Phase


Answer: D




Which statement describes the results of the SnapMirror resynce command?


A.      Resynchronization finds the newest common snapshot shared by the two volumes or qtree, and removes all newer information on the storage system on which the command is run.

B.      Resynchronization will cause the loss of all data written to the destination after the original basesnapshot was made.

C.      Resynchronization will update the snapshot on the destination filer.

D.      Resynchronization will update the snapshot on the source filer.


Answer: A




If you were troubleshooting and wanted to look at SnapMirror log files, what is the path to these files?


A.      /vol/vol0/etc/log/snaplog/

B.      /vol/vol0/etc/snapmirror/

C.      /vol/vol0/etc/snaplog/

D.      /vol/vol0/etc/log/


Answer: D




Host multi-pathing describes a ____________ solution that has at least two distinct ______________ paths to a LUN.


A.      Token ring, physical

B.      FC SAN, virtual

C.      FC or IP SAN, virtual

D.      FC or IP SAN, Physical


Answer: D




Which two will allow you to read and analyze a packet trace file generated by the storage system? (Choose two)


A.      WireShark

B.      Pktt

C.      Netmon

D.      Eternal View


Answer: AC

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