Five minutes ago, you performed a single file SnapRestore on a large NFS file. 40% of your NFS users are now complaining about getting “stale file handles” for the file. Which is the most likely cause of this problem, and the best procedure to correct it?


A.      This might be due to an NFS storage system and client mismatch. Check to see that these users have the same version of the NFS client that existed at the time the snapshot was taken.

B.      NFS users why try to access a reverted file without first reopening it might get a “stale file handle” error message. Have the users try to reopen the file and see if the problem is resolved.

C.      After a single file SnapRestore, NFS users have to reboot their systems. Have them reboot their systems.

D.      These users are on a different subnet from the others. Start troubleshooting by checking their subnet.


Answer: B




Using the output below, a co-worker determined that these are types “Solaris” LUNs. What would your destination be?


lun show – m LUN patch mapped to LUN ID ——————————————————-

/vol/vol1/lun0 solaris – igroup0 0 /vol/vol1/lun solaris- igroup1

0 /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun2 solaris – igroup2 0 /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun3 solaris – igroup3 0


A.      These are type “Solaris” LUNs.

B.      Not enough information is given here. Run the lun status command to get the information requested.

C.      Not enough information is given here. Run the lun show -v command to get the information requested.

D.      Not enough information is given here. Run the lun map command to get the information requested.


Answer: C




Which statement is true about ASIS deduplication license with Data ONTAP 8.1?


A.      The existing 8.0 license key is used.

B.      A new license key is generated.

C.      The license is capacity-based.

D.      The license no longer exists.


Answer: D




Which MetroCluster configuration procedure is recommended for re-establishing a mirrored volume that was in a level-0 resynchronization state when it failed?


A.      Determine which volumes are at the remote and disaster sites.

B.      Re-create the synchronous mirror.

C.      Rejoin the two volumes.

D.      Turn on power to the cluster node at the disaster site.


Answer: B




When running deduplication on SnapVault destinations, which three statements are true?


A.      The target SnapVault controller deduplicates inline.

B.      The source SnapVault data is deduplicated inline on the target before it is written to disk.

C.      Deduplication internallysynchronize with the SnapVault schedule on the destination.

D.      The source (primary) system sends duplicated data even if the source data is deduplicated.

E.       Deduplication with SnapVault creates a snapshot, deduplicates, then deletes and recreates the snapshot to effectively deduplicate savings.


Answer: CDE




If you believe you create FC SAN performance problem, which NatApp utility would gather both your Solaris host and storage system data for analysis?


A.      sio_ntap.exe

B.      prestart

C.      poststat

D.      perfstat


Answer: D




Which three /etc/snapmirror.conf entries will support synchronous or semi-synchronous SnapMirror?


A.      FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol visibility_interval = lhr, outstanding = 3ms, cksum=crc32 syns

B.      FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol – 0-55/5 * * *

C.      FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol – sync

D.      FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol outstanding=3s sync


Answer: ACD




Which three are valid LUN commands? (Choose three)


A.      lun clone

B.      lun copy

C.      lun move

D.      lun rename

E.       lun snap


Answer: ABE




Which three attributes would you specify when creating a LUN? (Choose three)


A.      The host operating system of the system attached to LUN.

B.      The version of Data ONTAP.

C.      The size of the LUN.

D.      The path to the LUN.


Answer: ACD




Which three items are NFS resources for export? (Choose three.)


A. aggregate

B. directory/qtree

C. file

D. subnet

E. volume


Answer: BCE

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