Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode supports SMB 2.0 in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.


A. True

B. False


Answer: B




In a tape environment after a SnapRestore reversion of a volume, incremental backup and restore operations on the file or volume cannot rely on the timestamps to determine what data needs to be backed up or restored. Which course of action ensures correct incremental backups?


A.      Perform a base-level backup of the volume after you restore it.

B.      Reboot the storage system to reset timestamps back to their original times before the reversion.

C.      Take a new snapshot of the volume to create new base-level timestamps for the incremental backup.

D.      Take a new snapshot of the volume to create new base-level timestamps for the incremental backup, and then perform a base-level backup of the volume after you restore it.


Answer: A




Which changes the NDMP password on the Open System SnapVault agent?


A.      password

B.      password <new_password>

C.      svpasswd <new_password>

D.      svpassword <new_password>


Answer: D




Which three licenses are required for fabric-attached MetroCluster? (Choose three.)


A.      Cluster

B.      Cluster_remote

C.      Syncmirror_local

D.      Syncmirror_fabric

E.       Syncmirror_remote


Answer: ABC




Which are three characteristics of an iSCSI or FCP SAN implementation? (Choose three.)


A.      A LUN can be converted into a VLD.

B.      LUNs can be accessed using the FCP protocol.

C.      LUNs can be accessed using the iSCSI protocol.

D.      Block services are associated with an iSCSI or FCP SAN environment.


Answer: BCD




To determine the version of Data ONTAP in which a bug has been fixed, use the NOW site _____ utility. (Choose two.)


A.      AutoSupport

B.      Bugs Online

C.      NetApp Diagnostics

D.      Release Comparison

E.       System Configuration Guide


Answer: BD




Which two commands on the storage system allow you to gather detailed statistics about network interfaces, including basic information about network connections? (Choose two.)


A.      ifstat -a

B.      netdiag -n

C.      netstat -i

D.      sysstat 1


Answer: AC



To configure a storage system as a member of a Windows active directory domain, the time on the storage system must be set to be within plus or minus five minutes of the time on the domain controller.


A.      True

B.      False


Answer: A




For automatic user name mapping to occur for a CIFS and UNIX user name that are the same, you must do what?


A.      Enter the CIFS user in the NIS database.

B.      Enter the user names in the /etc/hosts.equiv file.

C.      Use both a NIS server and a Domain Controller in the network.

D.      Nothing: mapping will occur if user name authentication is available.


Answer: D




If the security style is set to UNIX, CIFS client file access is determined by ___________.


A.      NT ACLs

B.      the last client to set permissions

C.      the mapped UNIX UID/GID of the CIFS client and the UNIX file permissions

D.      This is not allowed: A CIFS client cannot access files in a path set to a security style of UNIX


Answer: C

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