Question 561

While using the SmartProvisioning Wizard to create a new profile, you cannot continue because there are no devices to select. What is a possible reason for this?

i) All devices already have a profile assigned to them

ii) Provisioning Blade is not enabled on the devices

iii) No UTM- 1/Power- 1/Secure Platform devices are defined in SmartDashboard

iv) SIC is not established on the devices.

A. (ii), (iii) or (iv)

B. (ii) only

C. (iii) or (iv)

D. (i) or (iii)


Answer: D



Question 562

You logged in to your firewall and discovered that the scheduled backup has been modified. Which of the below options is NOT a reason for the change?

A. Another administrator pushed a SmartProvisioning profile to the firewall

B. Another administrator issued a new backup command through the command line

C. Another administrator logged in to the WebUI and changed the setting without your knowledge

D. Another administrator updated the Backup Schedule using SmartUpdate


Answer: D



Question 563

Your company is planning on moving their server farm to a new datacenter which requires IP changes to important network services including DNS, DHCP, and TFTP.  Rather than manually logging in to all your firewalls and modifying the settings individually, you decide to purchase and enable SmartProvisioning.  Assuming all your firewalls are on SPLAT, what is the minimum version required to update the firewalls’ DNS and backup settings via SmartProvisioning?

A. R62

B. R60 HFA 02

C. R65 HFA 40

D. R71


Answer: C



Question 564

Which of the following software blades can be used to provide centralized backup management?

A. SmartDashboard

B. SmartProvisioning

C. SmartGateway

D. SmartBackup


Answer: B



Question 565

The SmartProvisioning management concept is based on:

A. Zones

B. Groups

C. Regions

D. Profiles


Answer: D



Question 566

Where do Gateways managed by SmartProvisioning fetch their assigned profiles?

A. The Smartview Monitor

B. The standalone SmartProvisioning server

C. The Security Management server or CMA

D. They are fetched locally from the individual device


Answer: C



Question 567

SmartProvisioning is an integral part of the Security Management or Provider-1 CM
A. To enable SmartProvisioning on the Security Management server:

A. Obtain a SmartProvisioning license, add the License to the Security Management server or CMA, turn on SmartProvisioning on each Gateway to be controlled.

B. Obtain a SmartProvisioning license, add the License to the Security Management server or CMA, disable SecureXL.

C. Obtain a SmartProvisioning license, add the License to the Security Management server or CMA.

D. Obtain a SmartProvisioning license, add the License to the Security Management server or CMA, select the box under Policy for SmartProvisioning.


Answer: C



Question 568

What are the SmartProvisioning Policy Status indicators?

A. OK, Down, Up, Synchronized

B. OK, Waiting, Out of Sync, Not Installed, Not communicating

C. OK, Unknown, Not Installed, May be out of date

D. OK, Waiting, Unknown, Not Installed, Not Updated, May be out of date


Answer: D



Question 569

When Converting Gateways to SmartLSM Security Gateways, you can:

A. do nothing, the conversion is automatic.

B. delete the device and re-install it in SmartProvisioning.

C. reset SIC and re-establish communication with the new SmartProvisioning.

D. convert a Security Gateway or UTM-1 Edge Gateway managed with SmartDashboard to a SmartLSM Security Gateway managed with SmartProvisioning.


Answer: D



Question 570

Domain name can NOT be changed in SmartProvisioning and Domain Name is grayed out. What is a possible reason for this?

A. There is no SmartProvisioning license installed.

B. Profile is not assigned to any Gateway.

C. Override profile setting on device level is set to Mandatory.

D. Domain name settings are always fetched from firewall object.


Answer: C



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