Question 331

When is a Personal Policy enforced?

A. At all times unless overridden by an enterprise policy.

B. At all times, and cannot be overridden.

C. Only when connected from the network.

D. Only when disconnected from the network.


Answer: A 



Question 332

The Default Policy is applied to clients under which circumstance? When:

A. the Client has a personal policy.

B. the first login is waiting to begin.

C. the Client is not licensed.

D. another policy is not assigned to the Client as part of an entity.


Answer: D 



Question 333

What is contained in a Policy Package?

A. A connected policy and program policy

B. A connected and disconnected policy

C. A connected policy and firewall policy

D. A connected policy and Personal Policy


Answer: B 



Question 334

By default, how often are anti-spyware components on the client updated from the server?

A. Every 48 Hours

B. Every 72 Hours

C. Every hour

D. Every 12 hours


Answer: C 



Question 335

You have a computer connected to the Endpoint Security Server that is protected by a policy that includes anti-spyware. When the Endpoint Security Server downloads an anti-spyware update, when will the client computer receive the updated policy?

A. When the client reboots

B. Next UpdClient client-server connection

C. When the client logs in again

D. When the policy is redeployed by the administrator


Answer: B 



Question 336

An anti-spyware scan is considered successful if the:

A. scan detects spyware.

B. client is checked for spyware.

C. scan fails with no errors.

D. client treats all detected spyware.


Answer: D 



Question 337

Your computer is protected by an enforcement rule that is configured to restrict non-compliant endpoints. If the client is not in compliance, what default action occurs when a user logs in to the network?

A. The user is not logged in, and is prompted to contact her network administrator.

B. The user’s restriction rules will take effect.

C. The user is logged in normally and then made compliant.

D. The user is logged in normally, and prompted to contact her network administrator.


Answer: B 



Question 338

The Compliance Sandbox:

A. Prevents the client from imposing restrictive firewall rules.

B. Requires clients to comply with personal policy enforcement rules.

C. Lets users download current enterprise policy from a central location.

D. Provides remediation information for enforcement rule violations.


Answer: D 



Question 339

When a computer is out of compliance with an enforcement rule set to observe, which of the following will occur when the Endpoint Security client executes the rule action?

A. The user can access only part of the network.

B. The user can read files on the network but not make any changes.

C. The user is not able to log in to the network.

D. The user can access the network, and receives no alert.


Answer: D 



Question 340

If a protected computer is in compliance and connected to the network, how often does the Endpoint Security Server check that the computer remains in compliance?

A. When the client logs out again

B. Every heartbeat

C. When the client logs in again

D. Every minute


Answer: B 



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