Question 111

Which of the following is FALSE about Global VPN Community configurations?

A. A remote-access VPN cannot be implemented as a Global VPN.

B. The Global SmartDashboard can create a traditional VPN using the Encrypt action.

C. When configuring Global VPNs, only simplified or VPN neutral configurations can be used.

D. Global VPN Communities can only be configured as site-to-site.


Answer: B



Question 112

The CMA objects must be imported into the Global Security Policy when configuring cross-Customer VPNs.

A. Gateway

B. Administrator

C. Customer

D. User Group


Answer: A



Question 113

You can configure    Communities as a Global VPN.

A. Site-to-site star

B. Remote access meshed

C. Remote-access star

D. Site-to-site ring


Answer: A



Question 114

You can configure a Global VPN to consist of  Communities.

A. Site-to-site ring

B. Remote-access star

C. Remote access meshed

D. Site-to-site meshed


Answer: D



Question 115

A Global VPN Community’s Security Gateways must all share the same       .

A. Management Server (CMA)

B. Log server

C. User database

D. VPN Configuration


Answer: D



Question 116

How do you synchronize a primary and secondary MDS from the Multi-domain GUI?


A. You cannot syncchronize primary and secondary MDS’s from the MDG

B. Launch SmartUpdate, right-click on the secondary MDS and choose Synchronize

C. Select High Availability from the MDS Contents view, right-click on the secondary MDS (if not active) and choose Synchronize

D. Select High Availability from the Customer Contents view, right-click on any MDS, choose Synchronize


Answer: C



Question 117

When rebuilding an MDS from an MDS backup, you must install the exact same HFA level for SecurePlatform Multi-Domain Management before restoring the MDS backup file when using the command mds_restore.

A. False, because the HFA Level specific files will be restored from the backup.

B. True, the Backup only restores the configuration specific files, while HFA level specific files are binary files.

C. True, since the binaries from the MDS backup only restore for the MDS software, and are not based specifically for SecurePlatform.

D. True, HFA files are never backed up when doing an MDS backup.


Answer: C



Question 118

When a Multi-Domain Management administrator makes changes at the MDS level, which database is automatically synchronized to all MDS servers?

A. IPS database

B. CMA database

C. Global Policy database

D. MDS database


Answer: D



Question 119

What are the most important conditions you should meet in a multi-MDS environment?

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A. 1, 2 and 4

B. 3 and 4

C. 1 and 2

D. 2 and 3


Answer: B



Question 120

Which of the following databases is NOT synchronized in an MDS HA environment?

A. MDS Database

B. Internal Certificate Authority Database

C. CMA Database

D. Global Properties Database


Answer: C



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