Question 121

If you have reached the maximum CMA capacity on a machine, what would be the simplest/best way to be able to manage more customers?

A. Create a new MDS Container and connect it to the current MDS Manager

B. Add more disk space

C. Create a new MDS Manager + Container

D. Create a new MDS Manager


Answer: A



Question 122

The  utility is a CPMI client used by an administrator to add or remove customers or to back up MDS information when using the mirror option?

A. mdsstat

B. mdsconfig

C. mdsenv

D. mdscmd


Answer: D



Question 123

How do you synchronize a primary and secondary CMA from the Multi-domain GUI?

A. Select High Availability from the Customer Contents view, right-click on any customer, and choose Synchronize.

B. You cannot synchronize primary and secondary CMA’s from the MDG. It can only be done from the CMA’s SmartDashboard.

C. Select High Availability from the MDS Contents view, right-click on a CMA and choose Synchronize.

D. Launch SmartUpdate, right-click on a Customer and choose Synchronize.


Answer: B



Question 124

When using the command, mdscmd to add a new CMA to an existing customer that already has a CMA defined, what happens to the new CMA?

A. It replaces the primary CMA.

B. You can’t add a new CMA to a customer using mdscmd.

C. It is created as a secondary CMA.

D. It is configured as a CLM for logging purposes.


Answer: C



Question 125

When configuring CMA redundancy, which of the following is required?

A. Multiple MDS Container machines

B. The Customer Properties > CMA High Availability option must be selected

C. In CMA properties > CMA High Availability option must be selected

D. Multiple CMAs configured on a single MDS


Answer: A



Question 126

In a Multi-Domain Management with Provider-1 R70 deployment, a Management Server can be configured as a backup for the   ?

A. Primary CMA not backed up by a Secondary CMA

B. Secondary MDS

C. Primary MDS

D. Primary MDS and a Secondary CMA


Answer: A



Question 127

The HA CMA bundled license is used to configure:

A. High Availability between a CMA and the Management Server


B. High Availability between two CMAs on the same MDS

C. CLM High Availability in a multi-MDS configuration

D. High Availability between one CMA on the Primary MDS, and one backup on a Secondary MDS


Answer: D



Question 128

Which subdirectory under /opt contains the CPinstall package?

A. CPsuite

B. CPsuite-R70

C. CPshrd-R70

D. CP-R70


Answer: D



Question 129

What MDS component needs to be installed to manage a CMA?

A. MDS Container

B. MDS Manager

C. CMA Manager



Answer: C



Question 130

What needs to be done for MDSs to synchronize properly?

A. Schedule automatic synchronization on the MDS.

B. Synchronization must be done manually.

C. Set permissions to allow synchronization.

D. Synchronize MDS system clocks.


Answer: B



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