Question 51

A Citrix Engineer must determine the placement of a XenMobile Device Manager server within a XenMobile deployment that consists of NetScaler.

Which two placement options are possible? (Choose two.)


A. DMZ using Caching on the NetScaler

B. DMZ using SSL Bridge on the NetScaler

C. LAN using SSL Offloading on the NetScaler

D. LAN using Clientless VPN on the NetScaler


Answer: B,C



Question 52

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to create a proof of concept for a XenMobile project and needs to ensure that the following requirements are met:

– Users must be able to access corporate web and SaaS applications from their personal mobile devices.

– Access to Citrix hosted applications and desktops on XenApp and XenDesktop is NOT required at this time.

– Users’ devices should NOT be managed.

– Users will require access to WorxWeb and WorxMail.

Which three components will meet the requirements of the scenario? (Choose three.)


A. StoreFront

B. Worx Home

C. MDX Toolkit

D. Citrix Receiver

E. XenMobile App Controller

F. XenMobile Device Manager server


Answer: A,D,F



Question 53

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer in a XenMobile deployment is in the process of implementing ShareFile Enterprise with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) support using Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). The Active Directory team has installed and configured ADFS and has provided the engineer with the information needed to configure ShareFile Enterprise and enable SAML Single Sign-On.

Which three pieces of information must the engineer configure for SAML in ShareFile Enterprise? (Choose three.)


A. Login URL

B. Logout URL

C. X.509 Certificate

D. IDP Issuer/ Entity IP

E. ShareFile Issuer / Entity ID

F. SP-Initiated SSO Certificate

G. SP-Initiated Authentication context


Answer: A,C,E



Question 54

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer must provide remote users with access to their corporate e-mail from their mobile devices.

The engineer must ensure remote users’ mobile devices meet the following requirements:

– Mobile devices require a PIN for corporate email.

– Mobile devices cannot be jailbroken.

– Mobile devices must be enrolled to XenMobile Device Manager.

– Only iOS devices will have access to corporate email.

Which component should the engineer include in the solution to enforce the requirements outlined in the scenario?


A. WorxMail

B. App Controller

C. TouchDown mail client

D. XenMobile NetScaler Connector


Answer: D



Question 55

Worx Home is installed on organization-wide Android and iOS devices.

Which two tasks must a Citrix Engineer perform to ensure organization-wide devices successfully enroll with XenMobile Device Manager? (Choose two.)


A. Request an APNS certificate for iOS devices.

B. Open ports 80 and 443 on the external firewall.

C. Configure XenMobile Device Manager to push a device inventory policy.

D. Open outbound connections to APNS through ports 2195 and 2196 for the XenMobile Device



Answer: A,D



Question 56

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to manage access to email from mobile devices and is in the process of migrating the ActiveSync Gateway to NetScaler. From the NetScaler, the engineer is using the wizard to configure Load Balancing Microsoft Exchange Servers with Email Security Filtering.

The engineer will be required to enter an IP address for the ,        and

        . (Choose the three correct options to complete the sentence.)


A. XenMobile Device Manager

B. Responder Callout address

C. XenMobile NetScaler Connector (XNC) IP Address

D. Exchange Client Access Server (CAS) Service Instances

E. Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG) Service Instances

F. Load Balance Virtual Server for Exchange Client Access Server (CAS)


Answer: C,D,F



Question 57

A Citrix Engineer needs to install XenMobile Mail Manager and ensure that more than one LDAP domain configuration could be managed.

To meet the requirements of this scenario, the engineer should install XenMobile Mail Manager

        . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)


A. in each domain

B. at the top level domain

C. in an Exchange resource domain

D. and enable trust between the domains


Answer: A



Question 58

Scenario:XenMobile Device Manager is implemented to ensure Android and iOS users are compliant with corporate security policies.

A Citrix Engineer is required to set the following restrictions for all devices:

– Restrict device passcode to 4 digits

– Disable the device camera

Which two configuration steps should the engineer take to meet the needs of the scenario? (Choose two.)


A. Create a configuration policy for each device type.

B. Create a configuration policy containing both restrictions.

C. Create a deployment package with a device type property rule.

D. Create a single deployment package to deploy to both device types.

E. Create separate deployment packages and deploy to each device type.


Answer: A,E



Question 59

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to publish a custom mobile application for iOS devices from the XenMobile environment.

Security requirements for the application are as follows:

– Clipboard must be disabled.

– Application cannot be installed on jailbroken devices.

Which action must the engineer take to meet the security requirements stated in the scenario?


A. Wrap the .ipa file using the MDX Toolkit for XenMobile and configure the MDX policies.

B. Upload the .ipa file to the XenMobile Device Manager and create a deployment package to install the application on the user device during device enrollment.

C. Upload the .ipa file directly to App Controller and require enrollment to the XenMobile Device Manager before users can register with the App Controller.

D. Publish the application for employees using the Apple App Store and require that users download the application from the Apple App Store instead of the App Controller.


Answer: A



Question 60

Scenario: Support staff need GoToAssist in order to provide clients around the world with support remotely. In order to complete this request, the Citrix Engineer must configure GoToAssist with the XenMobile Device Manager and App Controller.

Which two items of GoToAssist information must the engineer enter in both the Device Manager and App Controller consoles to complete the installation of GoToAssist? (Choose two.)


A. Chat Token

B. Serial Key File token

C. Email Integration Key

D. Web Console Address


Answer: A,C


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