Question 21

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy the WorxWeb mobile application. However, management does NOT want users to use WorxWeb for Internet browsing through the Micro VPN tunnel.

Which MDX policy configuration must the engineer implement to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario?


A. Set the Require WiFi policy to ‘On’.

B. Set Network Access to ‘Unrestricted’.

C. Set the Require Internal Network policy to ‘On’.

D. Set Network Access to ‘Tunneled to internal network’.


Answer: B



Question 22

In order to send email enrollment invitations to iOS devices through the XenMobile Device Manager, a Citrix Engineer must configure . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)


A. LDAP configuration

B. a valid root certificate

C. an SMTP notification server

D. IMEI numbers for all devices


Answer: C



Question 23

Scenario: An Automated Action set to trigger on the event “Device noncompliance of B/W app policy” is configured to notify the user with the following message:

“This application is not approved for your mobile device. Please remove it or access to your email will be denied.”

Which type of Access policy should a Citrix Engineer create to support implementation of the Automated Action?


A. Forbidden

B. Restriction

C. Required list

D. Suggested list


Answer: A



Question 24

Scenario: A cloud service provider hosts XenMobile solutions for multiple clients and manages the XenMobile solutions through the Multi-Tenant Console. A Citrix Engineer needs to configure the Multi-Tenant Console to allow some clients to report on their tenants.

How would the engineer configure the Multi-Tenant Console so that a client only sees the accounts relevant to them?


A. Run a report and filter for clients.

B. Add an administrator user and assign it client privileges.

C. Edit each tenant and assign the client from the dropdown list.

D. Create a role with privileges to view tenants only and add the client.


Answer: C



Question 25

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer installed a XenMobile Device Manager server with XenMobile NetScaler Connector (XNC) accepting the default settings. The server has two NICs; one is in the DMZ, dedicated to communicate with the NetScaler, and one is dedicated for internal LAN communication.

How could the engineer set the XNC web service to securely listen on the NIC in the DMZ only?


A. Change the value from to the <DMZ IP address>:80

B. Change the value from to the <DMZ IP address>:443

C. Change the value from to the <DMZ IP address>:9080

D. Change the value from to the <DMZ IP address>:9443


Answer: D



Question 26

A Citrix Engineer set up XenMobile Device Manager and successfully enrolled Android devices, but is NOT able to enroll an iOS device.

What should the engineer do to ensure the iOS device is enrolled?


A. Check that port 8443 is open to the XenMobile Device Manager.

B. Verify that Worx Home is being deployed from an iOS deployment package.

C. Check the inbound communications to XenMobile Device Manager on port 5223.

D. Ensure that the XenMobile Device Manager has external access to Apple Push Notification Service.


Answer: A



Question 27

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer configured XenMobile NetScaler Connector with XenMobile Device Manager to restrict the ability to actively sync email based on mobile device requirements. The engineer must NOT allow devices that are outside a specific geographic location, have the Twitter application installed or have NOT communicated with XenMobile Device Manager in more than seven days.

Which three filters should the engineer configure in the XenMobile Device Manager to meet the security requirements? (Choose three.)


A. Revoked status

B. Inactive devices

C. Blacklisted apps

D. Whitelisted apps only

E. Out of compliance devices


Answer: B,C,E



Question 28

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer installed and configured XenMobile Mail Manager to connect to Exchange and XenMobile Device Manager. Devices are being filtered for email access. The engineer needs to apply existing Exchange rules to unmanaged devices for access to email.

Which step could the engineer take to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario?


A. Configure the Default Access Rule as ‘Allow’.

B. Create a Local Rule to allow unmanaged devices.

C. Configure the Default Access Rule as ‘Unchanged’.

D. Configure the ActiveSync Command Mode using Powershell.


Answer: C



Question 29

How could a Citrix Engineer ensure that Android devices remain connected to XenMobile Device Manager after successful enrollment?


A. Deploy an Android ‘Scheduling’ policy.

B. Modify the Android ‘XenMobile options’ policy settings.

C. Set the Deployment schedule to ‘on every connection’.

D. Change the Global Scheduling settings in XenMobile Server Options.


Answer: A



Question 30

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is responsible for XenMobile Device Manager which deploys internal mobile applications, client certificates, and exchange profiles. An employee who has resigned has requested that all company data be removed from his Android mobile device.

How should the engineer accomplish this?


A. Full Wipe

B. Selective Wipe

C. Device Revoke

D. Lock the device container


Answer: D



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