The IT Manager at Nether Tech requested information on the browser versions for every user agent that connects to the Web Interface. The engineer has determined that the best way to record this information is to enable tracing on the Web Interface. Which category should be traced in order to gather the proper information?


A.      ClientInfo

B.      Authentication

C.      ClientConfigFilter

D.      ContentTypeFilter


Correct Answer: A




Currently, the information being recorded in a Web Interface tracing log is NOT helpful because it does NOT have a timestamp. An engineer plans to enable Time Stamping in the Web Interface tracing log. Which file must the engineer edit to enable time stamping for web interface tracing?







Correct Answer: C




A Nether Tech associate traveled from the U.S. office to the Tokyo office. The associate logged on to the local Web Interface server and received Japanese-language resources. The environment does NOT have an Access Gateway or NetScaler appliance. Which feature should the engineer implement in order to provide access to U.S.-based servers while using a Tokyo-based Web Interface site?


A.      Smart Access

B.      User Roaming

C.      Client-Side Proxy

D.      Workspace Control


Correct Answer: B




The Provisioning Services streaming service on NTPVS01 encountered an undefined database error and as a result, target devices are NOT starting up correctly as expected. It has been determined that Provisioning Services Service account on NTPVS01 that the Citrix Stream Service uses does NOT have the proper access to the Microsoft SQL database used by Provisioning Services. Where should the engineer configure the permissions necessary for the Provisioning Services Service account to communicate with the Microsoft SQL database?


A.      Provisioning Services Console

B.      Citrix PVS Stream Service Properties

C.      Provisioning Services BOOTPTAB Editor

D.      Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard


Correct Answer: D




Nether Tech uses a Provisioning Services vDisk store that is located on a Windows share. Currently, the Citrix Provisioning Services streaming service does NOT have access to the vDisks located on the share. When using the Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard, which account should be configured for the streaming and SOAP services in order to provide them access to the Windows share containing vDisks?


A.      Local system

B.      Database user

C.      A specified user

D.      Local administrator


Correct Answer: C




Nether Tech completed the purchase of a new application which will be introduced into their existing XenApp 6.5 environment. Due to performance issues, this application will only reside on five servers in the farm. No other applications will be accessed from these servers. Upon initial testing, users complain about slow logon times when accessing the new application. After reviewing the configuration for the servers, the Citrix Engineer determined that an application specific Active Directory Group Policy is causing the long logon times. This policy is required and cannot be changed. All users in the Nether Tech environment access the XenApp farm using the Citrix Receiver.  Which action can the engineer take to improve the application launch time for users?


A.      From the published application, create a pre-launch application.

B.      Modify the group policy to delete the user’s cached profile on logoff.

C.      Create a new Citrix User policy and set the Session Linger Terminate Interval to 60 minutes.

D.      On the properties of the published application, enable the “Start this application without waiting for printers to be created” option.


Correct Answer: A




In order to keep user settings consistent across the XenApp environment, the Citrix Engineer configured roaming profiles for each user through the use of a group policy object (GPO) that is applied to the XenApp environment. There were no issues with this configuration initially, but after some time, the engineer began to receive complaints from users regarding slow logon times. After reviewing the environment, the engineer noticed that users’ profiles were large in size, and as a result, these users took a longer time to log in. What should the engineer do to improve logon times while still preserving user settings across the entire XenApp farm?

A.      Configure the environment to use local profiles only.

B.      Configure folder redirection for user’s common folders to their home directories.

C.      Create a mandatory profile and apply it to the XenApp servers using the existing GPO.

D.      Configure folder redirection for user’s common folders to their existing roaming profile location.


Correct Answer: B




Nether Tech implemented a new business critical application which will be hosted on five new servers in the XenApp farm. Upon initial testing, it has been determined that the XenApp servers can only handle 30 users before performance deteriorates. A Citrix Engineer created a new load evaluator with a server load of 30 users. The engineer then created a new Citrix Computer policy and added the new load evaluator to it. In which two ways could the engineer assign the new policy to the five XenApp servers? (Choose two.)


A.      Create a new XenApp worker group, add the XenApp controller to the worker group, and filter the new policy by the worker group.

B.      Create a new XenApp worker group, add the five XenApp servers to the worker group, and filter the new policy by the worker group.

C.      Create a new Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU), add the five XenApp servers to the OU, and filter the new policy by organizational unit.

D.      Create a new Active Directory computer group, add the five XenApp servers to the computer group, and assign the policy to the computer group.


Correct Answer: BC




A Citrix Engineer has configured Access Gateway and Web Interface to enable ICA proxy connections to XenApp published applications and XenDesktop virtual desktops. Access Gateway is in the DMZ. Session reliability is a requirement but unknown errors are preventing it from working for users who attempt to connect from their homes. Which three things should the engineer verify to troubleshoot the issues with session reliability? (Choose three.)


A.      Verify that the access method is set to Alternate.

B.      Verify that the XTE Service is running on the XenApp servers.

C.      Verify that a policy exists allowing Session Reliability on the XenApp and XenDesktop servers.

D.      Verify that the corporate firewall is not blocking port 2598 from the DMZ to the home users’ workstations.

E.       Verify that the corporate firewall is not blocking port 2598 from the DMZ to the XenApp servers and XenDesktop virtual machines.


Correct Answer: BCE




Remote users in the Nether Tech environment are provided with access to XenDesktop hosted virtual desktops through Access Gateway Enterprise Edition. Mobile users, specifically laptop and iPad users, would like to use their mobile devices from within the corporate network without having to change their configurations. Which two steps should a Citrix Engineer take to meet the needs of these mobile users? (Choose two.)


A.      Implement a XenApp Web Site.

B.      Implement a XenApp Services Site.

C.      Create the same DNS entry internally as used externally.

D.      Publish an Access Gateway virtual server for internal access.


Correct Answer: CD



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