A company is converting to LCD monitors and needs to properly dispose of all CRT monitors.

Which of the following is an important consideration when disposing of CRT monitors?


A.      The materials within the cathode ray tube are harmful.

B.      They are heavier than LCD monitors and therefore require special disposal.

C.      The glass of the tube can easily break and cause serious injury.

D.      The rays of the cathode can cause blindness if someone is exposed.


Correct Answer: A




A user reports that an impact printer is printing characters that are not complete and instead

have certain parts missing in most letters. The user has replaced the ribbon, but the problem

persists. Which of the following is likely the cause of the issue?


A.      The platen roller is damaged and needs to be replaced.

B.      The paper is improperly installed and not being fed as required.

C.      Some pins on the print head are damaged.

D.      The print jobs being submitted are not properly formatted.


Correct Answer: C




Joe, a user, requests that a new printer be installed for his SOHO environment. Joe wants to be

able to print to the device from any location within the SOHO. Which of the following should be



A.      Infrared (IR)

B.      Serial

C.      802.11

D.      Bluetooth


Correct Answer: C




Joe, a customer, requests that the desktop system he is buying is able to be used at his vacation

home in another country, as well as his regular home. The technician is aware that the country

mentioned has different power requirements. Which of the following should the technician

ensure the desktop contains?


A.      Dual voltage options

B.      UPS

C.      Inverter

D.      Micro-ATX connector


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is a standard Intel processor socket type?


A.      F

B.      754

C.      940

D.      LGA


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following cable types is LEAST affected in areas of high EMI?


A.      UTP

B.      Coax

C.      STP

D.      Fiber


Correct Answer: D




Joe, an irate customer, calls the help desk and informs the technician that no one has fixed his

problem. The technician looks up the request in the system and finds that the issue is a warranty

claim for accidental damage that is not covered by the company. Which of the following would be

the BEST approach to resolve Joe’s concerns?


A.      Tell Joe that the warranty company has already decided not to fix his computer due to the

notes in the system.

B.      Immediately escalate Joe to the company’s department manager.

C.      Tell Joe that he does not have an accidental damage warranty and end the call politely.

D.      Listen politely to Joe and inform him that accidental damage is not covered by his warranty

and escalate to a manager.


Correct Answer: D




Ann, a customer, has an older printer that has no network or USB connection but she still would

like to use it on her new machine. Which of the following would be the MOST likely card a

technician should install?


A.      FireWire card

B.      Riser card

C.      Wireless card

D.      Serial/Parallel card


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is MOST likely found inside a laptop display assembly? (Select TWO).


A.      Battery

B.      Volume control

C.      Webcam

D.      Wireless antennas

E.       Finger print sensor


Correct Answer: CD




A technician is tasked with setting up a web server for a small business. Where would the

technician place the server so that it is accessible from the Internet while keeping the customer’s

network separated from it?


A.      In the DMZ.

B.      Behind NAT.

C.      Outside the DHCP scope.

D.      Inside the DHCP scope.


Correct Answer: A



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